An argumentative essay example on the causes of climate change

Students go through different stages during the academic tenure. They start from a simple story writing in elementary school to an essay writing in college. You may have learned different principles and techniques to write a very good essay in high school. It is important to follow all these while writing a college essay. Make sure you know the difference between essay writing and research paper writing. Apart from a few differences both have a slightly similar structure where you have to present different facts and figures justifying your position.

You may have observed different types of essays and how each requires a different and unique method to write. For example, if you are writing a narrative essay then you do not have to follow any certain format except introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The situation would be a lot different in the case of ‘cause and effect essay’ where you have to follow a certain format within body paragraphs. For example, you can write all the causes in the first paragraphs followed by all effects in the next paragraphs.

You can discuss one cause and one effect in each paragraph as well. In the same way, you may have read some argumentative essay examples in high school. It also requires a proper structure to follow in body paragraphs. It means an essay writer has to pick a side about a certain issue and present your arguments in favor of or against it. You cannot add your ideas and opinions in an argumentative essay and have to remain stuck with facts and figures. I am writing a sample essay about 'climate change' by following the MLA citation style, you can follow or expand it while writing yours.

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Causes of Climate Change

Climate change has been a cause of concern since the early 1960s. It was a new phenomenon at that time and no one had thought about it. It was one of the reasons that environmentalists pointed it out to the public and politicians called it a hoax. In the 21st century, it has become a big cause of concern for every human being. Melting glaciers and rising sea levels around the world have forced officials to take some bold steps. Now the world is shifting from the use of fossil fuel to clean energy. By taking aggressive measures it may take another five decades to control or lower the percentage of carbon emission from the environment. Unfortunately, developed countries are more responsible for carbon emission than developing but they are the ones facing and affecting the rising sea levels. It is important to understand and comprehend the causes of climate change only then it would be easy for officials to understand this phenomenon.

Environmentalists often argue the planet earth is a living body and it must be protected but unfortunately their suggestion could never be materialized. The major greenhouse gases are methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases, and carbon dioxide. These gases work as greenhouse glass and trap the sun's heat in the earth's atmosphere (Crowley). Over years these gases have trapped enough heat that global temperature is one-degree centigrade warmer than before. Apart from some naturally occurring human activities are responsible for the production of these gases.

The concentration of these gasses started after industrialization and since then the ratio of carbon dioxide is higher than 40%. Many factors contribute to greenhouse gases, most importantly the burning of oil, gas, and coal (Leviston et al.). These are responsible for producing nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. Since the discovery of natural oil, it has been used or exploited to its full potential. Humanity used it for its short term benefit but in the long run, the environment was affected negatively.

Deforestation is another major cause of climate change; forests tend to absorb additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Deforestation has lowered the number of trees around the world; it means that trees cannot absorb CO2 from the environment (Cahill et al.). The Amazon Rainforest produces the world's 40% oxygen but is it declining rapidly due to excessive farming and land for livestock.

Increasing livestock farming has two main demerits first it occupies the land of forests second it hugely contributes to producing methane gas. Methane gas is more toxic than CO2, sheep, and cows produce enough gas and contribute to climate change (Pielke Sr et al.). Unfortunately, there is no way to contain the methane gas produced by animals and it directly goes to the environment. In the same way, the feed which is required to feed these animals requires the use of fertilizers. It releases nitrous oxide after its use on crops.

Farmers use fertilizers for two purposes first to produce crops for humans and second to produce livestock for animals. The crops for humanity are necessary while animals can eat the residual crops (Pidgeon). Especially produced livestock like maize for animals is responsible for the production of nitrous oxide emission. It can only be reduced by lowering the dependency on meat whether it is poultry or dairy.

In the end, it can be said that there are different factors responsible for climate change. Unfortunately, the official could not take aggressive measures in the 20th century and the situation became worse in the 21st century. Today the situation is much different due to activists like Greta Thunberg, people today know better about the environment than ever before. The move towards clean and green energy has lowered the carbon emission into the atmosphere. In the coming few decades, there are slight chances that scientists may witness a lower percentage of gasses in the environment.

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