An argumentative essay on illegal immigration

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Recently, the issue of illegal immigration has resurfaced and the laws made been even more strict to avoid it. This issue has been going particularly this issue has been growing particularly in the United States where immigrants from the Pacific Ocean, the Mexican border in other routes enter into U.S. Borders. The immigrants who had all first entered into the United States to study or visit Visa but did not renew their status after their visa expired. During their stay, they have been part of many economic sectors to earn a living. The purpose of this college essay is to highlight some Major issues of Illegal immigration that impact the country.

There can be benefits as well as disadvantages of illegal immigration. For some businesses, illegal immigrants are a source of cheap labor which helps them cut huge costs. On the contrary, it must also be observed that illegal immigrants do not do taxes, they become a burden on the economy and deprive it of a much-needed source of revenue. For this and many other reasons, the disadvantages of illegal immigration outweigh the supposed benefits. In the United States alone there are nearly 7 to 12 million immigrants who have crossed the border illegally. The scientific searches and surveys suggest that the majority of these immigrants are Mexican or Hispanic. There are many sectors in which they get employed easily because they do not demand any language skills. Even though these jobs are low-paying, illegal immigrants enjoy many benefits for welfare education as well as unemployed compensation.

It must be understood that the immigration reforms are important and they will not only help the United States economy but also the Immigrants. There can be a lot of problems due to illegal immigration to the United States. According to many researchers, illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter or stay in the country because it really becomes difficult to stop them or send them back afterward. It may not be possible to stop them all in one but the government can employ different policies and laws to reduce this issue.

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Some entities that it is not possible to end illegal immigration. However, if effective reforms and reliable policies are adopted, this can be made possible. In order for this to be achievable, there must be political goodwill and adequate funds to accomplish the program. In addition to days, the executives can also present my ears which will help to reduce illegal immigration without passing any new laws.

The government should also introduce laws that will engage The employers to only hire workers who are documented. Hiring illegal immigrants is relatively cheap and those immigrants cannot even file against their employers because of fear of deportation. But there is a need to create awareness among employers to consider the bigger picture and not hire illegal immigrants. This step may be hard but if Congress along with the courts clarifies the laws related to immigration, then all the employers will consider hiring only documented workers.

One useful tool is to curb illegal immigration is to prohibit illegal crossing as well as reporting the illegal immigrants who lack proper documentation. It has been observed that nearly 95% of illegal border migrations take place through the border of Mexico. Even the border patrols have become overwhelmed because of the increasing number of illegal immigration. There is a need to increase the number of patrolling officers so that they can stop potential immigrants at the borders. This fight can be assisted with the use of lights, fences, and other such barriers. The proper inspection hard spots can be mapped out where patrolling officers can tighten the security to intervene in illegal immigration.

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From this essay, it can be inferred that illegal immigration not only takes place in the United States but also many other countries in Europe. It has been proven to be a challenge for these countries where illegal immigration rate is surprisingly high. Recently, a significant number of illegal immigrants have lost their lives while trying to migrate to the country from routes through deserts and sea. There is a guy in need of proper laws and effective reforms in order to reduce the percentage of illegal immigration. For this Mission, the corporates, government as well as citizens must come together and aim to tackle this issue.

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