An easy to use template and format for a product-launch press release Similarity Index 1% due to common words

When companies want to announce any major change in a company's hierarchy they release an official statement to the media called press release or PR. Sometimes the release of PR is important for the public especially if it is a public limited company. People or shareholders need to know what is going on in the company's management. The only way is via PR, where companies use media to reach out to the public. You can say that PR serves as a bridge between a company and the public. Media comes at a second stage while the first one is to write an effective and compelling PR.

Just like any academic writing, there is a certain press release format that should be followed. A PR is an official written announcement by the company it cannot be taken as for granted. It helps a company to build its reputation, the other similar words are 'news release,' and 'press statement.' Do not get confused the writing format is the same; An essay writer just needs to make sure a good PR must answer 'where,' 'what,' 'who,' and 'why.' All these or at least one of these questions must be answered in the first paragraph with understandable language.

Before you start writing a PR for your company make sure that you write from more than one perspective. A good PR not only catches the media attention but it also changes the customer’s perspective; always write it as valuable marketing content. It should work three ways first to catch the media’s coverage, second to boost the company's reputation, and third gain the public's trust. As it is mentioned earlier a PR is a bridge between consumer and company; it is important for both to know each other.

It is just one way to increase the company's profit when consumers would demand more goods. Writing a PR can become a little difficult if you do not know all the rules, but do not end up writing an incorrect report. It would not only harm your image but the company's reputation as well. Save yourself from trouble and hire a professional essay writer for your PR. Some professional essay writing services offer free facilities to their clients worldwide.

These services have hundreds of writers with years of experience you do not need to worry about the quality and content of your PR. Such services also offer some limited free services so make sure you find a legit academic essay writing service. If you want to write a report by yourself make sure you know the format. For your guidance I am writing down a template of a good PR; you just need to fill it with relevant information. I am sure after filling it with relevant details your PR would be up to mark.




(Or simply mention of the company name and follow the below-given format)



Contact: John Done

December 20, 2020 Liaison


Contact details

Raising donation for the needy in Ohio

(Title of your press release)

COLUMBUS, (STATE NAME) Ohio (City Name) – We are honored to announce that the Columbus Recreation a non-governmental organization hosted its 12th annual conference to raise donations for people in need. Just like the past, the donation money would be used for emergencies like earth quack and hurricane. (You can see that these two sentences defines the purpose for the press release and answer the question 'why').

The conference lasted for three days in which speakers from all across America spoke about the hazardous effects of natural calamities. The spectators paid a fee of $50 for participation with additional charges for other amenities. (It tells the purpose of holding the conference).

Windy Frantz, another charity organization also participated with us and helped us to raise the donation money. It invited several businessmen, they all contributed an equal amount of donation which we have collected during the last three days of the conference.

The participants belonged to different age groups and almost everyone contributed one way or another. Volunteers from both institutions gathered the audience by distributing pamphlets in different localities in Ohio. They also made homemade soup to participate just to raise a little more donations.

Our Chief Guest, Yolanda Owens from Digital Media Communication closed the conference by highlighting our efforts for the people in need by mentioning that Columbus Recreation has collected $165,000 in donations during the last three days.

"Today, we are pretty much capable of handling any natural calamity in the form of helping humanity and by providing them with necessities during the time of crisis," Owens added.

Points to follow

  • You can observe that the above template only highlights important information. If you want to write your new press release or college essay just change the keywords like the name of organizations and people and write your own.
  • Once you have changed the names make sure to add all relevant and necessary new information.
  • The above template is only useful if it is about a company’s annual performance or anything related to NGOs. You cannot generalize this information about any press release.
  • If you are writing a press release about an international seminar about climate change then you cannot follow the above template. In that case, you have to make several major changes. For example, first, tell the purpose of the seminar then how many speakers participated and the topic they covered.
  • You may have to write a summary of the speaker's notes in your press release.
  • In a press release just write the main points which you think would catch the media and public attention thus fulfilling the purpose of the seminar.
  • If a company is launching a new product you can also follow the above template by changing the relevant information with the addition of new details.

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