An Interesting Guide to Craft a Unique College Application Essay – Guidelines

College application essay is defined as a type of essay that is written to get admission or it can be termed as a literary task that is done to get a position or a seat in an institution or a prestigious academy. It is one of the most common forms of essays that students are supposed to write so that they can get their goals fulfilled. I always faced a lot of trouble in writing a college application essay because it is of much greater value as compared to other essay types and a more formal one. It is one of the major reasons that I always asked someone else to write my essay.

However, the point of consideration is, that time has changed a lot. When I used to write application essays, there was great scrutiny and hardly anyone would have dared to consult the internet. It was much more difficult as compared to the present time because we were not having technological facilities. I don’t mean to say that there was no technology, as I am not that old. Rather, there was not much awareness regarding writing platforms and guides that can help students to earn good grades.

Today, everything is available at such ease. You just need to Google your problem and you will be given all possible solutions right in front of you. In addition to the services and platform, you can get a number of written content websites that can help you with wetting college application essays. I am going to help you with the best ways that can help you craft the best college essay.

  1. 1- Title page and the designed template

    In the beginning, make sure to follow the basic instructions that are provided for writing your essay. Among these instructions, give priority to the title page because, in a number of cases, students fail to follow the title page design and the template. Once done you are actually ready for your college application essay.

  2. 2- Understand the title and choose your ideology to be discussed

    It is a common fact that a single title has multiple meanings and one of the difficult jobs or a mistake is the inability of the writer to understand the meaning of the title. You are required to understand the title, the underlying meaning, or guess if it conveys some sort of hidden meaning or if you have to approve or deny the actual title. After developing a critical understanding of the title, make sure to identify the side that you are going to discuss in your essay. It will help you come up with the most unique view of the essay and it is the most important point that can help you get good grades.

  3. 3- Thesis statement

    One of the attributes of writing a good essay is designing a thesis statement. A student should design his thesis statement for essay as soon as an essay title is decided or an aspect of the discussion is chosen. Your thesis statement should be a detailed insight into the points, ideas, and ideologies to be discussed. It is better to keep the same flow of ideas as you are going to quote in the essay as it will help your teacher to maintain a follow up with the task.

  4. 4- Body paragraphs

    It is important and unique to design your body paragraphs in a cohesive manner. For this, you should try to conclude one idea in the single paragraph and write about the other idea in the next paragraph. In this design, make sure that all paragraphs are arranged either in chronological order or follow a systematic manner in placing the information. It will not only add to the organization of the essay but it is one of the best ways that can help you look for the right information and place it in the right place.

  5. 5- Citations and Quotations

    It is one of the significant ideas that you need to follow while writing your essay. In the first place, you need to cite everything that you have written in your essay except for a few types. Firstly, don't cite the material that is in the first person or opinionated as it is solely your understanding. Then, don’t cite general information that is known to everyone or cited by different people rather tries to stick to a concise and deep understanding of your work clearly so that it is easy for the reader to know the crux.

    Make sure to cite quotations as per the format that you are following in your essay. Then, in-text citations should be used to cite the quotation in the essay as well as in the end.

  6. 6- Proofreading

    Once you are done with the content of your essay, make sure to proofread your essay thrice. It will help you mitigate and eradicate all the grammatical and spelling errors from your work, making your essay flawless. It is suggested that if you are required to submit your work remotely, then you should choose someone else to proofread your work. It will help you know all the mistakes because many times we are not able to find out our own mistakes because of the fluency and the systematic cohesion in the text. Monotony or habituation is also one of the major reasons that students find it difficult to find out mistakes from their own work and it might leave the issues and errors unsorted. You can also ask an essay writing service to proofread your essay.

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