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You may have learned different types of essays in high school or college. The criteria for writing essays become advanced when you are writing your essay in college final year. Your professor expects you to become professional writers during a short time period which is simply impossible. Becoming an expert in essay writing is difficult because there are too many rules to follow. You may have not written a rhetorical analysis college essay in high school because it is considered a little difficult.

It is the most challenging task to understand and complete for beginners. It is difficult not because of its context but it requires thorough knowledge to analyze different pieces of literature. You can achieve it with little practice. In this post, I will discuss this essay from every angle including a rhetorical analysis essay example for your guidance. After reading this article, you would be able to comprehend how to write such an essay.

In simple words, you can say that this essay deals with mechanics used beneath the fancy writing. You should be very careful while choosing your modes, punctuation, and tone. There are several other things that you need to consider before writing such an essay. But it is nearly impossible to know all the rules. In this post, I am defining some core rules by following these you can write an exceptional essay. You can call them modes of persuasion online essay writing which are essential to follow.

Modes of persuasion writing

There are three main modes of persuasion; first is ethos, second is pathos, and third is logos. Each has a different use and implication in the essay. It is a literary art to convince your reader from a particular point of view. When it comes to rhetorical writing, you can achieve persuasion from different methods but the use of the following three techniques is most prevalent.


It is mainly related to ethics, ethical problems, and the esthetical nature of any piece of literature. Your essay should contain ethos as it creates credibility for the essay writer. You can say that anything you incorporate in your essay should be authentic.


It is also a rhetorical mode that deals with the author's emotions. The emotions can be in the form of pity, sympathy, and empathy. By using these, the reader would be able to know your message which you are conveying in your essay. You can achieve pathos by using meaningful language.


It is related to the intellectual side of your brain. It determines how many important points you would discuss in your essay. It means your essay discussion should contain logic like facts and statistics. You can achieve logos by using abstract and advanced language or you can say that by using objective language.

Example of a rhetorical essay analysis

The below essay is a perfect example of a rhetorical analysis. You would note that the first paragraph is the introduction closing on a specific point or thesis statement. Next, are the body paragraphs supporting the thesis statement followed by conclusion. If you want to write such an essay you can follow the below-given format. Also, you can get different examples from a write my paper service at affordable rates.

Two years are better than four


Liz Addison

In her article, Liz argues that the government and education department does not give due attention to community colleges. These colleges are the backbone for people who cannot manage to get admission in regular colleges. Most of the students explore themselves in a new way in such colleges. According to Liz, the course work is expanded to four years which is really unnecessary. The irony is community colleges are bound to accept every student which lowered their ranking on national education standards. The students who graduate from such colleges are not equally treated by the job market. Big companies prefer to hire a student who has studied from a renowned college. Community colleges are great learning grounds for deserving students and should be treated equally to other famous colleges. Liz’s article presents logical arguments and she praises community colleges by highlighting their positive features.

Liz has spent most of his time evaluating the performance of community colleges. She calls them "great American institutions" because they serve their purpose better than regular colleges. The tuition fee was a minimum that students can easily afford to attend. Most of the students do not need a student loan to get admission to such a college. They only need courage, vision, and motive to pass from such a college. These colleges welcome every student who knocks on their doors. They try to accommodate as many as a student they can.

It is a prevailing feature that no one is denied from admission. It made them distinctive from other regular colleges. Liz stressed on the importance of ranking of these colleges. Once they are regularized by the education department then community colleges would be able to compete with regular colleges. They can perform very well if the federal government allocates some more education funds. The teachers should be offered the same privileges as offered by the regular colleges.

To conclude Liz presents some compelling arguments and the need to standardize them. People trust the American education system and most importantly the community colleges. These colleges allow students a second chance to become successful. However, the tone which she used against Pearlstein is snotty that has undercut her own argument. She did not treat opposing viewpoints respectfully, she could have made her point more compelling with respect. Her tone is an error of ethos and most of the readers find her arguments unreasonable.

I hope this example will help you write a good essay. Otherwise you can always ask others to write my essay.

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