Easy Hacks to Create an Outstanding Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Have you been asked by your instructor to write an annotated bibliography? Do you not know where to start? Do you not know where to find the sources and how to enlist them properly? Do you not know what to include in an annotation? Does writing annotated bibliography give you a headache? Well, writing an annotated bibliography may sound like a cumbersome task but believe me, it is quite easier than other academic writing tasks writing a research paper. If an essay writer knows how to write it and what information to include in the annotation, it would be a piece of cake for you.

It would not be fair to say that wiring an annotated bibliography is an interesting task. It is not. It is a boring and dull task with a lot of time spent in searching for resources. If you are not very good at searching and retrieving relevant research articles and books from the internet, it might take a little longer to collect relevant resources. Thereafter, you are supposed to read or at least skim through the sources and then summarize and add your opinion to it. It would be an insurmountable task for students who hate academic writing.

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Annotated bibliography and its purpose

In simple words, it is a list of sources that you are intending to use in your research paper. In addition to the list of sources, you are to provide a brief overview of the source with an evaluative opinion and short explanation of its importance and relevance to your research. Usually, you have to write around 150 words for each source. The purpose of the bibliography is to help the researcher in collecting and organizing data for their research. For readers, this plays the role of explaining the relevancy, accuracy, and quality of the sources. Annotation provides the reader with an evaluative summary of every listed source. Oftentimes teachers give annotated bibliography assignments to students to check and help them develop their research and analytical skills.

What to include in an annotation?

In annotation, you can simply provide a brief overview or a summary of the source. The content of the annotation depends upon the directions of the instructor. However, usually, an annotation includes:

  • summary or overview of the source
  • Authority of the author on the subject matter
  • Relevancy of the source to the research
  • Your evaluation of the content of the source
  • Your opinion about the key arguments
  • How it would help you in your research

Hacks to create an outstanding annotated bibliography

As stated earlier, writing an annotated bibliography is not an easy task. It is dull and boring. One has to be patient and focused to write an effective assignment worth A-grade. Below are some useful hacks that will reduce the difficulty level of the task. But you will have to make do with the dullness of the task.

If you are still confused, you can ask an essay writer service to help you with this task.

Collecting good sources

If you want to write an outstanding annotated bibliography assignment, you have to start off by collecting relevant and good sources. You can easily find all the relevant sources on google scholar. You can create your own library there. You can even search the sources according to the time. You should choose research articles published in recognized journals.

Skimming the sources

I have seen students who would not enlist a source until they have completely read it. Well, I know most of you do not love reading. Therefore, you can skip the reading and make do with going through the sources. If it is a book, you can look at the table of content, and then if you find any useful chapter, you can open and quickly go through that chapter. In the case of research articles, you should also look at the table of contents or if the article is small, you can skim the whole article.

Look at how the content is divided into sections

If you are not reading the whole text, you should make sure that you look at the division of the text into different sections. You should look for the main points in every section. Your focus would be on the opening paragraphs and concluding ones.

Enlisting sources

Your teacher would have given you some instructions to use a style guide to create the annotated bibliography assignment. You should use that style throughout your assignment. If not you should choose one style and stick to it. If you are using google scholar, you can easily find readymade references according to different citation styles. You can enlist the sources alphabetically or in chronological order.

Writing annotation

It is the main part of your college essay. You should not fret it if you have not read the source. Your teacher would not know the difference.

  • Write a summary: Make notes while skimming through the sources and then use those notes to write a summary of the sources. You should also check if you could find a summary of the source on the internet. Then you can read the summary instead of the whole source. Or you can also ask someone to write my essay for me.
  • Evaluation: Then you can write your evaluation of the source in one line or two.
  • Opinion: Depending on the instructions of your teacher, you can also give your academic opinion about the source.
  • Relevancy to your research: In the end, you should briefly explain how it would help you to carry out your research.

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