Annotated Bibliography Example in Harvard Format – Sample

Annotated Bibliography

Citation to a document, book, and article is called an annotated bibliography. Annotation is a descriptive paragraph of approximately 150 words, after each citation. Annotation is for the information of reading about the accurateness, and relevancy of the citation’s source. Annotated bibliography written in Harvard format by an essay writer delivers already present research about a topic. Brief explanation and evaluation of all the sources present in the assignment. It describes the content of the source and provides a summary of the argument in the research. It depends on the nature of work either it may be a summary, evaluation, imitation, criticism, review, and analysis of the source. Annotations are used to provide a general overview of the argument of research. Harvard formatted annotated bibliography is maybe a separate assignment or an element of a bigger project. The normal annotated bibliography consists of a small paragraph after the citation, but it can also be as short as a sentence or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Content of Annotated Bibliography

  1. First of all, mark the citations of documents, books, and periodicals containing important information regarding the topic.
  2. Then critically evaluate all gathered information to review actual information.
  3. Using appropriate style, cite a document, periodical, book, and article. Write a precise annotation that provides a summary of the main theme of an article or a book.
  4. Annotations designate the opinion, specialty, precision, and relevance of the expression of the author. In the compiling of an annotated bibliography make sure that certain sources validate good research skills, knowledge of the subject, assess the utility of the project, and prove the ability to recognize arguments.
  5. The referencing style can be used according to the faculty like APA, Harvard, and MLA. Entries in an annotated bibliography are called citations and they can be ordered in alphabetical order or date of publication.
  6. Each citation should include bibliographic information like the author’s background, the relevance of source, authority in the field, impression on the audience, weaknesses, and strengths of the method, valuable material that backs up your idea, and source’s argument.
  7. Annotated bibliography determines to discover and establish sources for more research, highlight the sources for the reader’s attention, literature review, illustrate the scope of different sources.
  8. Some aspects to consider carefully for annotated bibliography are clarity in the topic which is being examined, recognizing the aim, basic information of material which is under research, thoughtfulness about the requirements of content, and vital and valuable findings.

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  1. Language should be objective and fact-based, and in summary, reporting verbs can be used. Write it in the present tense with a third-person perspective. Avoid ambiguous and informal language, for the dependability of source adjectives, can also be used.
  2. The creation of annotated bibliography needs quite an amount of intellectual skills, briefly but clearly expressed analysis, and impressive skills in library research.

Sample Annotation in Harvard

Abou Hashish, E.A., 2017. Relationship between ethical work climate and nurses’ perception of organizational support, commitment, job satisfaction, and turnover intent. Nurs. Ethics 24, 151–166.

The citation for a book, article, or any source is highly important. For example, the in-text citation (Abou Hashish, 2017) represents the name of the author and the year of publication. This will be expanded with a more detailed description of the article in the bibliography for instance as above. This annotated bibliography example provides us details of the author, name of the paper or article, the name of the journal in which it was published, the volume and pages of the journal as well as the year of publication.

A thorough survey of available literature to find the best information for the selected topic. The topic should cover a range of unique and different approaches to that subject. Mention bibliographic details for the text, in the style preferred by the department. Note the opinion and thoughts of the author also main points and themes. It should not reflect other’s ideas, think deeply about the topic, and mention one’s findings and opinions also. It should cover the whole topic thoroughly including all methods, arguments, comparisons, and contrasts with other same topic writings.

The main contents of the annotated bibliography are the availability of bibliographic citations, the extent of the text, identification of methods of research, an indication of authors' background, and the main argument with logical explanations. Also a discussion about the authenticity of the text, indications of a particular audience, discussion about relativity and helpfulness of text, highlight carts, or graphs (if any). Mention the shortcomings and strong points of a text, compare the similarities with the course, write down a person’s believes and opinion, and indicate conclusions mentioned by the author.

To cap up the whole it can be said that the annotated bibliography provides a brief overview of already present research about a chosen topic. It should be written factually and precisely not extending more than 150 words. It must be well organized, informative, logical, and objective. Chosen sources must provide complete and valuable coverage of all the related arguments and issues. For example, the citation, introduction regarding the article, aims and objectives, usefulness of the article, the relevance of the topic, limitations, and conclusion sections regarding the article, and the purpose of the research.

The justification of chosen sources must be approachable. For larger projects break annotated bibliography into smaller theme-based sections. For style, ask the instructor for a specific style or standard style preferred by the department or unit. Writing of annotated bibliography portrays the ability to careful reading and following instructions accurately. Make sure that you are following the faculty’s preferred format of referencing for your research paper. If you are still confused, hire a write my paper service now.

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