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Topic sentences

There is a dire need to state the main point or the main idea at the start of each paragraph. Readers want something that is along the lines of a signpost or a headline that can alert them. This is because the presence of interpretive points is really necessary for reading and analyzing different essays.

For this purpose, topic sentences are used.

What is the topic sentence?

A topic sentence is a sentence that presents the introduction of a paragraph by highlighting a specific topic. It will be the focus of that particular paragraph. Just as the thesis statement gives the core argument of the entire research paper at a broader level the topic sentences give the main idea at the level of paragraphs. Still, if you are not clear about what is a topic sentence, then you can look up the details on the web. If there are any weaknesses or gaps in the primary arguments of essays or research papers then the topic sentences can help students to improve the content. Topic sentences generally state the point which the essay writer wishes to make about the particular subject and also identify the main idea of the paragraph.

Topic sentences are mostly specific and as compared to the thesis statement they have a narrower focus. In the case of expository essays, a topic sentence can summarise the ideas which are included in a paragraph. They are also known as focus sentences because they can organize an entire paragraph. Readers are provided with an insightful perspective of the writer regarding the main ideas of a brief section of academic writing.

What is the need for a topic sentence?

A topic sentence has several functions which are important. Owing to the fact that a paragraph develops a single controlling idea, the topic sentence can support that idea and substantiate it. It also advises the reader on how to go through the paper and hence at the approach of the paragraph as it discusses the main idea. The topic sentence can easily unify the contents of a paragraph and also give a direct and logical order to the sentences in the paragraph.

Where must a topic sentence be placed?

Generally, readers tend to look at the first few sentences in a paragraph to locate the topic sentence. This is the place most often looked at because it also determines the subject and perspective of the research paper or a college essay by giving the idea of the paragraph. The best practice is to place the topic sentence at the very beginning of the paragraph and they usually appear as the first sentence of the body paragraphs. If the topic sentences are placed at the beginning of a paragraph they can make an abstract point. The rest of the paragraph can go on to elaborate on that abstract point by providing complete examples as credible evidence.

Is it necessary to place the topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph?

The beginning of a paragraph is usually the most logical place for a topic sentence. However, one or two transitional sentences or background information that works as context can also come before the topic sentence. The transitional sentences can prepare the way for the topic sentence and in some cases, there is also a connection between the previous paragraph and the new paragraph by these transitional sentences. There are also some cases where writers save the glory of the topic sentence for the end of a paragraph. This is done in pursuit to build an impactful climax. Writers also do this to avoid giving away useful information at the beginning of a paragraph.

What are the components of the best topic sentence?

Students must ask themselves what are the main ideas in their paragraph. Which information has been chosen to be included in the paragraph? What is the context of that paragraph in the essay? What main point is a student trying to make when they are writing a topic sentence for a paragraph?

If these questions are answered in a logical manner then the coherence of an essay can be improved by making a connection between the thesis statement and the topic sentence of the paragraphs. If there is an important keyword in the thesis statement that can be incorporated into the topic sentence for bringing more relativity. Students should consider that there is no need to be explicit while rephrasing the thesis statement in the topic sentences. It is better to be subtle. At the same time, the topic sentence has a bigger purpose than merely establishing the connection between the thesis statement and the paragraph. An effective topic sentence must show that how does a specific paragraph contribute to the development of the primary argument. The topic sentence should not be another reflection of the thesis statement. Students make this mistake of restating the main idea of their thesis statement in all of the topic sentences. The essay can result in repetition and redundancy.

A good topic sentence can be written by reading the paragraph and thinking about its main idea in point. The supporting details can also help in this regard as they can explain the topic sentence in a better fashion. The topic sentence must not be too specific to general because the reader has to understand the main idea of the paragraph. While writing a topic sentence students must be consistent in point of view and the verb tense to achieve coherence.

So, this was all about topic sentences now you can develop perfect transitions and flow in your essay. However, if you are still confused, get professional help from a paper writing service at affordable rates.

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