Argumentative vs. descriptive essays: Major differences

Essay writing is a fun job if you are into writing and literature. It has many types and multiple writing styles that one can opt from while working on an essay. In addition, the Internet is filled with many topics that you can write on, or you can come up with a topic of your own.

Different types of essays have a different set of rules defined for them that the essay writer has to follow to correctly carry out the task of essay writing. A descriptive essay is a type of essay where the writer describes some idea, topic, or thought. It is basically written to make your readers ponder on some topic and better understand it.

Other than descriptive essays, there are argumentative essays as well. These essays include a strong argument put up from the side of the writer. The purpose of writing is to provide evidence to support your argument/stance. The writer influences the thinking of the readers with his/her words and tries to prove the point right.

Writing needs lots of practice and patience in terms of mastering all different types of essays. If you need some help, you can contact some reliable essay writing service and start writing your essay. These two types of essays differ in so many ways. You need to keep these in mind to write a good descriptive or argumentative essay so that you don’t jumble up things.


  • Descriptive essays describe a certain point or word or theme, whereas argumentative essays are those where the writer argues in favor or against some topic and presents evidence to support his/her stance.
  • Descriptive essays are precise and to the point, whereas argumentative essays can differ in length and detail depending upon shreds of evidence you have to support your position and where you are taking your argument in your writing.
  • A descriptive essay has to stick to facts while describing something; you cannot say that you think this is right or wrong, etc., whereas, in argumentative essays, you can argue while sticking to one side of the topic/possibility.
  • Argumentative essays Inform about a topic while taking sides according to your argument, while in descriptive essays, you have to explain what is already known to mankind in your words.
  • The purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader to agree with a certain point or your stance, while in descriptive essays, you do not try to persuade anyone; rather, you explain something without being biased.
  • Argumentative essays are mostly based on real things where descriptive essays can either be real-life or fictional. Take help from the paper writing service.
  • Biasness is common when you argue about something. In an argumentative essay, one can have a biased tone, whereas, in descriptive essays, one has to remain neutral.
  • In descriptive essays, the writer has to explain or describe all the possible parts or possibilities of something, whereas, in argumentative essays, the writer only has to stick to his/her position and provide related evidence, no need to give all the details regarding a topic. Just try to prove your own argument right.

It is fun to write on certain topics if you already have enough knowledge regarding them or if you do some good research. You can take essay help from professionals or any elder by saying, write my essay. Discussing with your peers could be a great way to brainstorm ideas, know about facts, etc.

Both the essays differ in ways, as mentioned above. All you have to do is to keep these in mind and do not mess up your assignment. Just stay focused and stop procrastinating, and you will end up with a good essay. Good luck, champ!

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