Argumentative vs. Persuasive Writing - Key Differences

So, if you are new to this writing stuff then there are probably a lot of things that confuse you.

But that’s ok. Because that is totally normal. There is nothing wrong with you.

Rather, the thing is that writing, especially the formal kind, has a lot of different rules and regulations.

Often enough, a lot of different things seem to be very similar. Like the types of a college essay. An argumentative approach is different from a persuasive one. But for beginners, they seem the same.

This is why I am going to tell you all about the major differences between these two approaches.

So, you can write good essays on your own. Have a look.

Difference #1: How to Begin

The beginning of these two types of essays is always different. When you are writing a persuasive essay, you simply choose a topic and pick one side. It’s that easy.

But for an argumentative essay, you will need to do a lot more.

In case of an argument, you will do thorough research. Once that is done, you will decide exactly which side you support.

We will talk about why research is needed for argument.

Difference #2: The Purpose

It may not seem like it but the purpose of both these essays is actually very different.

It is in the persuasive essay that you do some persuading. You convince the reader that your point is the right one. You have to make them agree with you.

But when it comes to an argument, it does not have to be this complicated. An essay writer only needs to convince the readers that his point is valid.

Difference #3: Factual Technique

The factual technique is where you present the facts and evidence which show that you have a very good or valid point. This technique is used when you write an argumentative essay.

But in persuasive writing, you have the liberty of combining facts with emotions so that you can convince the readers that you are right.

This liberty is allowed because the purpose of a persuasive essay goes beyond an argumentative one.

Difference #4: Pathos vs. Logos

The technique of pathos involves using emotions while logos are more about logic. Both of these techniques are used in writing.

For a persuasive essay or speech, you can have an argument that is based on emotions alone. That is totally valid.

But you can’t do the same in argumentative writing. Argumentative writing is based on facts, hard evidence, and logic alone.

So, never use pathos in an argumentative essay.

Difference #5: The Counterclaim

One very interesting detail about these two essays is the counterclaim. In both these cases, you will have a counterclaim which is also called the other side of the story.

Now, when you are writing a persuasive essay, you completely ignore that side. You don’t even mention it.

But for an argumentative essay that is based on logic, it is important that the counterclaim is discussed and then refuted.

In this way, your argument will become stronger.

Difference #6: Presentation of Sides

Now, we all know that there can be many sides to an argument. Not just the claim and the counterclaim. How these essays address those sides is also important.

Predictably, persuasive writing does not spare a moment for any other claim other than the authors. The author’s claim alone is mentioned and discussed.

But an argumentative essay can discuss more than one side. Although, the side taken by the author should be very, very clear.

Difference #7: Presentation of Ideas

Of course, when you are writing an essay or a speech, you will always have to present a lot of ideas. These two essays present these ideas in a very different manner.

With a persuasive essay, only the ideas that suit the needs of the author are presented. So that there is no doubt as to who is right.

But argumentative essays can explore a variety of ideas. They usually compare those ideas to establish the position of the author.

Difference #8: The Evidence

In both these cases, the use of evidence is important. Both these styles of writing will be using evidence. But how?

Well, a persuasive piece of writing can make a claim without showing any evidence for it. It can use the emotion-based approach for persuasion.

But for an argumentative piece, the presentation of evidence is a must factor. Any claim that is presented without evidence is useless.

Difference #9: The Tone

Lastly, another major difference between these two approaches is that their tones are very different.

An argumentative piece may include arguing but it always has a calm tone. It is based on facts and logic so that makes sense.

It is the persuasive piece that is charged and can be a bit aggressive. The use of emotions makes sure that the tone of the piece becomes charged.

However, a persuasive essay still remains a formal essay and the change of tone does not mean that it can be written informally.

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