Arguments and counter-arguments you can use for your argumentative essay on gun

When you look at the real world, arguments tend to lead to fights and many other things. But it is not what the ultimate end of an argument is. People tend to pursue it as a way to prove their superiority and give some air to the flame of ego. This is not the actual reason as the main goal is to learn something and reach a consensus. The ultimate end in actuality is gain in knowledge. If you are given an argumentative essay assignment, you must give thoughts to all the points of view and then try to rationally prove that your one might be the best one. Here are some techniques you can use on various gun-related topics to convince others. Or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Arguments and counterarguments on gun

  • The first argument is whether guns save and protect lives or not. On one hand, if you are against the keeping of guns, you could easily highlight all the various criminal activities involving guns and terrorism. You could highlight the numbers that would support your arguments in such a case. Conversely, you could prove how guns are means of averting disasters as it is the intention behind the gun user that makes all the difference. People tend to hurt others while guns are just a tool that could easily be used to salvage any given situation. If you still need help, hire a paper writing service now.
  • The most common argument regarding guns is whether it really does provide any protection or not. If you are against it, then you would be making sure to reveal the details of how guns might be arousing emotions and causing a commotion and haphazard situations which ultimately harm others. Now, as a counter, you could potentially highlight all the ways in which guns can be utilized to alleviate any harmful scenarios and resolve cases with minimal injuries or harm.
  • Since you might be against guns and it's kept by the public, you would be supporting the notion that law is present to resolve all matters. Special departments should only be allowed to use guns and take the matter into their own hands to resolve all the conflicts that might arise. That being said, banning guns would not reduce the crime rate. People who are in an attempt to perform a bad deed would find one way or another. This argument essay example is a way of depicting how any such debate can be handled in writing. In case you find anything hard to understand, specialist writers could provide you with the necessary guidance to make your next assignment top-notch.
  • The most simple form of argument is that reducing guns would eventually decrease the crime rate. Again if you are in favor, an essay writer would be highlighting the potential benefits related to it and provide examples of any areas which may have successfully implemented it in the region. If you do not agree, you would be making sure that you support the fact that people who are into crime would find any means necessary to get their hands on a gun to promote violence. These petty restrictions would not matter in front of them and if there is a chance of survival in such a rule, then everyone should have the right to carry a gun to protect themselves.
  • Finally, gun control could also potentially decrease the rates at which guns are stolen and used by criminals to take part in criminal activities. People could be killed if unintentionally, criminals get their hands on guns. On the other hand, there are ways of protecting guns from falling into the wrong hands and those laws should be made strict that allow safe-keeping of ammunition.

The above example serves as a great way to show how arguments need to be structured in an essay and what are some of the ways through which you could show the authenticity of your side. There are a few general rules regarding the essay that you must keep in your mind in order to competitively make a point.

  • You must show both sides of the coin and not just one. You must be willing to discuss the other side so that no person would depend on a single narrative.
  • You must show both sides of the coin and not just one. You must be willing to discuss the other side so that no person would depend on a single narrative.
  • Rationally portray your point of view with examples and explain how everything falls into place at the right time. You must discuss relevant sources to get a fair idea and find supporting evidence for your cause.
  • Outlines always help especially in argumentative essays as you would have much to remember. The outline would easily incorporate the details without having the need to think at a later stage while constructing the final draft.
  • The thesis statement for your essay would mainly contain your argument while it would also serve the purpose of dispelling the other notions. You must craft it with intelligence and expertise so that the full essence of the argument can be captured and there shall remain no ambiguity.

As you believe that you have everything under control, form the essay based on all the rules of essay writing and argumentation to get a winning combination in the end. Proofread and submit to get great grades and admiration from the readers. You can also get help from an essay writing service to do it for you.

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