Make Sure to Create Quality Evidence-based Arguments while Writing an Argumentative Essay

In argumentative topics, students are expected to investigate a single topic from multiple angles. This is done after collecting credible evidence and properly evaluating it. Only after collecting credible evidence, one can support their core argument and base their thesis statement on something substantial.

The primary function of writing essays is to convince readers about the writer’s own point of view. This is done through the usage of indisputable facts and evidence-based arguments. In this guide, proper methods and approaches to create quality evidence-based arguments will be discussed.

What is evidence-based argumentation?

Pieces of evidence can take on the role of a support system when anyone is presenting their side of the argument. Evidence-based argumentation has a tendency to focus on logical examples and verified facts about a particular subject matter. This kind of argument builds its case from the argument that is available at hand and also deeply explores all the existing literature. In pursuit of arguing effectively in an essay, it is necessary to have a thorough comprehension of the material at hand. Correctly structuring all the content in an essay is also important because a coherent structure can also engage readers.

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Here are some questions which can be answered and pondered upon by students in order to arrive at an effective and solid evidence-based argument.

  • In a given text, what are the words or phrases which seem more interesting to the writer?
  • Which sections of a primary or secondary source can pave the way for different arguments?
  • Which ideas can build up as pieces of evidence for the potential formulation of an argument?
  • Are there any patterns in the source that can lend an argumentative character to the essay? Are there any connections between different ideas that can support the core argument of the responding text?
  • Can the identified patterns make up any evidence-based claims?
  • Are these patterns useful for the generation of useful arguments that are solely based on evidence?

Evidence-based argumentation can easily persuade the readers to accept certain claims which they may not accept in normal situations. Evidence-based argumentation easily provides the solutions for those difficulties which are encountered by writers while they are trying to convince the readers. Evidence can be made available in various sorts. Evidence can be either in the form of statistics, testimonies, or examples. In the case of statistics, the evidence can include statistical trends, statistical probabilities, averages and estimates, and raw numbers in some cases. In the case of argumentative essays, where a wider segment of society is addressed, these numbers can be presented as more factual, authoritative, and highly objective representations of information. If the audience is critical, they would want to know more about the sources of these statistics and this is another significant factor of pieces of evidence.

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In the case of testimonies, evidence-based argumentation appeals to the authorities and can include two forms. One is the expert body and the other involves eye-witnesses. The only condition to fulfill in this case is that the authority who has to overlook the case must be qualified about the subject matter.

Evidence-based argumentation in the form of specific instances involves online essay writing, case-studies, narrations, and third-person stories. These strengthen the claim by establishing a connection with the audience. However, it is vital to note that the evidence should not act as proof.

Evidence-based argumentation requires a specific, debatable, and strong thesis statement. The readers have to be aware of the details of the argument and the significance of that argument in a broader context. In order to understand the argument, it is also imperative to provide a little bit of background information. An argumentative essay involves a lot of discussions and a load of information can sometimes get a bit too much, for this purpose, signposts and transition words are extremely necessary to keep the reader engaged. Regardless of the order of the arguments, there should be a logical flow among all the ideas and multiple reasons can be mentioned which add to the credibility of the argument.

Evidence-based argumentation can be structured on the following types of claims.

  • Facts: this can verify the truth or falsity of a specific argument
  • Value: this entails the value of whatever is being argued. What good will it bring to society? How does it benefit specific segments of society? The questions justify the value of any argument.
  • Definition: the dictionary description of a specific concept that is being argued. If personal interpretation and reflection are added to this, then results can generate effective evidence-based arguments.
  • Policy: these claims let the authorities and policymakers know why they must care about the subject matter of the argumentation. The direction is also provided as an important implication of these types of argumentative essays that are based on policy claims.
  • Cause and effect: Causes and effects of the core arguments and their involvement in other subjects can be explained in these essays. Of course, credible evidence plays an instrumental part in these essays.

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