Avoid these 10 common mistakes students make when developing a personal narrative

Students try different techniques in order to perfect their essays yet they forget many small issues with their narrative essays. They are unable to remove or avoid them as a real issue is that many students do not even know what their mistakes are. For your convenience, this article will be discussing ten common mistakes most of the students make when writing their narrative essays.

  1. I) Not choosing an interesting topic

    When writing a narrative college essay, the most important is the topic that you choose. In many cases, the instructor offers some choices for the topic or provides a wide topic idea which you can easily narrow down to something you would like to write on. Remember that the topic of the narrative essay must be interesting not only for your audience but also for you. You will be able to compose an impressive narrative essay only when you choose a topic that is based on your own personal preference. The topic will also determine if the essay will interest the readers. A bad choice of the topic shows that either you were not interested in writing an essay or that lack of good judgment.

  2. II) Unsatisfactory Execution

    Execution of the essay is quite important even if you have an interesting topic and incredible content. The details of the experience that an essay writer includes in the narrative essay are if not structured properly, the readers lose interest. The main issues students face when executing the essay in a perfect manner is that they use faulty writing mechanics, for instance, incorrect punctuation or ambiguous syntax. In addition to this, students sometimes also ignore the instructions given by the teacher for the narrative essay which leads to the loss of significantly. After writing, go through the instructions as well as your essay to make sure you don't make such mistakes.

  3. III) Showing overconfidence

    It is true that when writing a narrative essay, you are to focus on how you feel, what you have learned, and what actions you performed. However, it is not a good approach to show yourself as a flawless person or brag about yourself in any other way in the personal narrative essay. Sometimes students are not themselves aware of the real scope of their accomplishments yet paint themselves as heroes. It is highly suggested that you show all the positive things about yourself in this essay but make sure you don't go overboard. Keep it simple and honest.

  4. IV) Use of cliché

    It has been observed that when students are writing their narrative essay, they tend to go to some samples and then blindly follow them in their essays. It is a good thing to get understanding and help from samples but the use of clichés shows that you actually did not make much effort to be creative and write this essay on your own. Remember that the teacher will not only be reading your essay but also of many other classmates. And for the best grade, you are required to make sure your essay stands out. For this purpose, you have to include the unique content which is not difficult if you outline it properly from your memory or through brainstorming.

  5. V) Going off-topic

    Certain cases when writing your narrative essay might have to include some details which are actually not relevant to the main topic but still required for the reader to understand its context. However, one common mistake is that they shouldn't sometimes include too many irrelevant details in their essay that the essay goes away from the topic and outline. This is really not a good approach to a narrative essay. Avoid this mistake and make sure that you stick to your outline. If there are some of the topic details include those in your outline as well to keep track.

  6. VI) Avoiding emotions

    You are required to understand the difference between different types of essays. A common issue among the narrative essay is that students do not include any emotions at all. Instead offer some personality to your assets through the inclusion of your emotions.

  7. VII) Getting too Emotional

    It is right to assume that a personal narrative essay must include emotions as it is based on your experience or dreams. But still, you should not forget that you are writing an essay and not your autobiography. Make sure that you do not overemphasize your emotions but still manage to use the pathos in an efficient manner.

  8. VIII) Becoming offensive

    When it is a narrative essay you have to convey your own experience, ambitions, and traits. But there is no need to be offensive on political or religious grounds. Remember that this essay is to tell the readers about yourself and not actually lecture them.

  9. IX) Writing vaguely

    One of the common mistakes which you should avoid at all costs is to write the narrative essay vaguely instead of incorporating minor fascinating details into it. The details actually impact readers a lot as they imagine your story in their heads.

  10. X) Improper formatting

    Even though an essay is the easiest thing to format yet students make many mistakes in it. You should not include writing a paragraph in the form of verses in your essay unless required. Also, do not include any bullet points rather explain it.

This essay is a type where you have to showcase your own self instead of composing an essay based on research. Moreover, how you put everything together is very critical because once your essay goes flat the reader will not bother reading the complete essay. The way you composed the essay and brought all the information together shows the level of maturity and clarity you have achieved in your writing style.

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