Avoid these 5 critical mistakes when constructing your paper's thesis statement

It is true that you need to follow so many rules while writing an academic document. A student can only write a good research paper if he knows the basic techniques of writing an essay. An essay is the first step towards professional academic writing if someone is not familiar with essay writing then he cannot write a thesis or dissertation altogether. Usually, students complete a research paper at the end of college and a thesis at the end of the masters' program. A dissertation is written on a doctorate level and it is the toughest one to write.

Whether you are writing an essay, a research paper, or a dissertation; it is essential that it must contain a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph. With this statement, your paper would look like a rudderless boat lost in the sea. It gives direction to your paper and tells the reader how many points you have discussed in it. You would write your thesis statement only once in the case of a research paper but it can vary while writing a dissertation. Usually, a dissertation contains too many chapters and your statement should cover all the perspectives.

First, you should write your statement in the first chapter which is usually an introduction chapter. You can also include it in every chapter if the subject matter is slightly different. By doing so, it would give eloquent meaning to your dissertation. Just make sure that your thesis statement is clear and understandable to the reader otherwise there is no purpose to write one. You can also check different statements online before writing your own as you would have a basic idea of how such a statement looks like.

When it comes to good statements you can take help from professional essay writing services too. Such academic services provide a free consultation with respect to your topic. If you are confused and do not know what to do then ask them to give you an idea of writing a thesis statement. Just explore your options and think out of the box solution as you can also hire a professional essay writer for your paper. Such writers have years of experience in writing with multiple knowledge of multiple subjects. I am writing down five major critical mistakes that students often made while writing a thesis statement or you can ask others to write my essay.

Five critical mistakes to avoid

Unclear thesis statement

You should know that the purpose of writing such a statement is to inform the reader of what is coming ahead or what has been discussed in a research paper. It not only gives direction to you but to the reader and checker as well. The unclear statement would give a negative impression no matter how well you have written your paper. Your reader should know immediately after reading it what it is about.

  • Unclear thesis statement: The fast good in America is not good, it is expensive and unhealthy, people should avoid while consuming such items.
  • Clear thesis statement: Modern America is facing an obesity crisis irrespective of the factor of age, lawmakers should start a campaign either to end the production of fast food or to provide cheap healthier food that every American can afford.

Complicated Statement

A good statement should not be complex but only a little complexity allows when it comes to eloquence. Too long and generally lengthy statements are complicated which do not set direction.

  • Complicated statement: Athletes who play in NCSS do not make sufficient money to live a respectable life. It is devastating as those are professional athletes and should be treated respectfully. Colleges earn a lot from such sports and they should pay athletes appropriately.
  • Improved statement: NCSS athletes work hard and generate profits for colleges they should be compensated accordingly as they are at more risk to injure themselves.

Too basic or obvious statement

There should be a clear distinction between a statement written by a school student and a college. In academic writing, your statement should be refined, precise, and to the point. Remember that you are not writing it in junior high school rather in college. Your younger and older statement should be clearly distinguished.

  • Basic statement: In this paper, I will highlight the benefits of breakfast.
  • Improved statement: Our day would be energetic if we eat a healthy breakfast every morning as it keeps the energy level at optimum throughout the day.

A statement that does not argue

A good thesis statement should be argumentative rather than narrative or descriptive with a clear and real purpose. Just read your statement twice and look at whether it is beneficial and helpful or not. Your topic should also be comprehensive so that you can write a good statement.

  • Unclear statement: I think those pink blouses are the prettiest ones in the shop.
  • Improved statement: Girls should have the ability to choose the clothes of their choice and institutions should not impose any sanctions on free will.

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A statement with poor language/words choice

It means a thesis statement containing jargon, slang words, and abbreviations. These three points do not have a place in a good statement and a writer seems unprofessional if his statement is poorly written.

  • Unclear statement: A good comedian should make you LOL 24-7.
  • Improved statement: A good comedian should have the quality and ability to spread and inspire the audience from his jocks.

There were some common mistakes that students make while writing a thesis statement. By avoiding these you can write an exceptional statement with a chance to get A+.

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