Bad thesis statement examples vs. outstanding one's - Key differences

The key idea to remember while writing an essay is to have a powerful thesis statement with which the essay contents can be traced back. A thesis statement is a debatable claim and when readers go through a thesis statement, they either advocate its essence or oppose it. Of course, there is another category that stays neutral but that is rarely a case. This is because if the thesis statement does not evoke any kind of emotions in the readers, then there is no purpose in writing one or you can ask others to write my essay.

Functions of a thesis statement

A thesis statement explicates some information about the topic, directs the readers in a particular direction about the topic, and also states something specific about the topic. An effective thesis statement can only fulfill its functions if it provides clear information about the topic and highlights the essential information. Defining the key route for an essay, a research paper, or a dissertation, a thesis statement should be supported within the paper.

Characteristics of an effective thesis statement

An effective thesis statement should be narrow even though the broad spectrum of any topic can seem to be too overwhelming for the writers. It should not be too small or too large because it has to engage the attention of the readers. A thesis statement should be focused and clear. The readers must be able to interpret the significance of all the details of a particular subject matter which is under discussion. A strong and effective thesis statement has two parts. Firstly, it must tell what the students are planning to argue and secondly, it should be able to curate a plan for the potential arguments. Students can find a lot of thesis statement examples online to ensure quality.

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Bad thesis statements - characteristics and examples

If you have received comments and feedback from your instructor on your essay and there are serious problems with the thesis statement, then you must know that the thesis statement is not purely illegitimate or irrational. Instead, this means that the thesis statement is not meeting the requirements of the specific paper which has been written.

A thesis statement has to take a position on a specific issue, but if there is a non-thesis thesis statement then it is neutral on the subject and does not sway the readers into any particular direction.

As mentioned earlier, the thesis statement must be specific and as narrow as possible. However, an overly broad thesis statement is also considered a bad example because it can lead to a lot of unnecessary interpretations. An overly broad thesis statement cannot reflect the exact scope of the research as well.

If the thesis statement is uncontestable, this can also dissuade the readers from the research. Any research must be arguable and should have a claim which can either be opposed or be defended.

In addition to this, if the thesis statement is a list essay thesis statement, readers are not able to imagine the flow of the paper. A sequence of points is also necessary to ensure the logical flow of any argument.

Here are some examples of bad thesis statements:

  • Global citizens are not prepared to give up on the concept of hate speech.
  • There are many reasons for which free speech should be limited
  • Alternatives should be used in order to prevent racism in various institutions
  • No restrictions should be placed on the 1st amendment
  • This paper will consider all the advantages and disadvantages of red tape
  • The government has a right to surveillance
  • The validity of two-year colleges must be emphasized
  • Student debt crisis is a big problem

As opposed to this, outstanding thesis statement examples explicate that they keep the essay writer centered on the subject matter. Also, an outstanding thesis statement has to prevent the risk of intellectual wandering because once a writer has started to write about something, there is a greater chance that the ideas will accumulate and pile up. Better thesis statements provide a focus on the argument and also grab the attention of the reader by referring to the development of the core arguments. An outstanding thesis statement can have an open end and it can also include an opposing argument. There is a subtle call for additional information and explanation in an outstanding thesis statement and it does not use general phrasing or sweeping statements.

An outstanding thesis statement can revolve around one of the following claims:

  • -Claims about value
  • -Claims of cause and effect
  • -Claims of description or definition
  • -Claims of solutions or policies

One of these claims is necessary for a thesis statement to exist, in addition to other vital components. The thesis statement must fulfill the criteria of the following qualities:

  1. Precise
  2. Arguable
  3. Aware of counter-arguments
  4. Relevant
  5. Substantial
  6. Supportable

Here are some examples of outstanding thesis statements that will give a relatively clear picture. After reading these examples, you would know how to counter or mitigate the flaws that have been pointed out in your essay by your instructor.

  • -The Civil War was fought by the North and the South for many reasons. Some reasons were the same among the two blocs and some were different
  • -The widespread growth in college tuitions can be associated with federal student loan policies
  • -Illegal drug use can pave the way for crimes and gang violence, therefore it should be prevented by preemptive cures on the state, national, and international levels

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