Basic types of essay with examples

An essay is a piece of writing that discusses a specific topic. All subjects have their specific requirements related to essays. Some essays have to be short in terms of a number of words while some others are longer. In the following lines, we will take a look at different types of essays or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Definition essay

A definition essay is used to define certain things or ideas. The primary purpose of this essay is to define a word along with its origin and meanings. It is advisable to take some word that has a different literal and dictionary meaning. This will allow the writer to explain the different angles of the word.


A good example of the definition essay is the word poverty. Every person will have a different definition of the word and the writer will have to explore various angles of the word including absolute and relative poverty.

Narrative Essay

This form of essay is written like a story related to an event or a trip. The essay is written in the first person and the reader feels as if he is also a part of the event or story.


A narrative essay can include a trip to the Eiffel tower. You should explain the reasons to visit the place. It may be a college trip or a journey with friends. The historical importance of the place should also be communicated to the readers. This essay can be ended with an open statement so that the readers are compelled to visit the place themselves.

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Descriptive essay

This kind of essay describes a certain thing or phenomenon to the readers. A good descriptive essay will affect all the senses of the readers including smell, taste, feel, and see. This essay can be used to describe a place or a personality.


A descriptive essay about a personality is written in chronological order from birth till death. The choice of personality should be according to the interests of the audience. In the USA, you can write a descriptive essay about Martin Luther King. If your audience includes a majority of Black people, the essay may describe Nelson Mandela. The event described should have affected a majority of the audience. You can describe the Tsunami that hit most of the South East Asian countries. This descriptive essay will be written to show the causes and consequences of these tsunamis.

Persuasive Essay

The major aim of a persuasive essay is to convince the audience to take on some course of action or avoid it. You should avoid taking on some topic that is controversial for a part of your audience.


A good example of a persuasive essay topic can be that there should be no examination for the kids until five. It will be much better if your audience are related to the educational field. To convince the audience, you will have to provide convincing points about the above statement. The readers should have a positive mindset about your topic after reading your essay.

Argumentative essay

This form of essay is used to present arguments for and against something. You should present an argument at the start and then support it with evidence and facts.


Music and physical education classes should be as important as other subjects. An essay writer will provide the evidence in the form of facts and personal opinion to support the argument. In an additional paragraph in the body, you will present the opposite viewpoint as well.

Critical evaluation essay

This form of essay is used to evaluate a thing or phenomenon critically. However, this essay should provide both the negative and positive aspects of the subject.


This form of essay can be written on any scientific invention, e.g. mobile phone. You can provide the negative and positive impacts of the device on different parts of society. Another important form of this essay is related to the literature. A particular novel or poem can be criticized in this essay.

Process essay

This form of essay is written to describe the making or preparation of some food item or any other thing. The writer must be an expert in the field and the audience should feel as if the whole process is taking place in front of them.


A very simple example of this form of essay is how to change a flat car tire? This essay will interest the audience if they are all young drivers. The details should explain the process in an easy way. If the audience is women, you can come up with some cooking exercises in the essay.

Rhetorical Analysis essay

This form of essay is written to analyze a piece of literature with respect to ethos, pathos and other technical aspects. The writer should have gone through the novel or poem analyzed so that the audience do not lose interest in the essay.


A novel by Sidney Sheldon can be analyzed in the light of word usage, patterns, and other technical aspects. The audience should understand the whole story after going through the essay.

Compare and contrast essay

This form of essay can be used to compare and contrast two pieces of literature written by two different authors. The viewpoints of two presidents on the economy can also be analyzed in this kind of essay.


The economic policies of any two US presidents can be compared and contrasted in this form of essay.

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