Basics for College Essay Writing - Tips and Tricks

Everyone has a dream college. What’s yours? How badly do you want to roam around in the corridors of that college? Do you not have good grades? Despite the bad grades, are you still hopeful that you may get into the college of your dreams? Everyone wants to get into their dream college or university. However, not everyone has good grades to ensure their entry into the college of their dreams. You may look at your report card and think that you do not have a chance to fulfil your dream. However, you should know that college admission officers know the fact that not everyone does well in academics. They also understand the fact that report cards do not represent the true intelligence of students. Therefore, they look at other factors like your college application essay to decide whether you will be getting into college or not.

Are you hoping that your college essay would be your ticket to your dream college? Well, you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of other students who are applying for colleges are hoping the same. You should never lose hope and do your best. If you do not have a bright report card and are relying on an admission essay, you should know that you will have to write an extraordinary essay to make it work. You will have to write a brilliant essay that will make the admission officer add you to the shortlisted candidate’s list. However, an essay writer should know that it is not an easy task.

Writing a college essay may seem like a daunting task, especially for students who do not have a bright academic record. The more you are dependent on your college essay, the more fretful the process of writing it would be. This takes me back to the time I was writing my college essay. It was so damn stressful and traumatizing. I was staring at the blank sheet for hours without writing a single word. If you are stressing and staring at the screen without getting anything done then stay with us. I will be sharing some useful tips and tricks that you can use to write a stellar college essay that would breathe life into your application.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the tips and tricks of writing a unique and interesting college essay or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Tips and Tricks for College Essay Writing

Here are some of the tips that students find useful for college essay writing:

Start Early

I wish someone had told me this. Now that I think of it, I guess, many people including my parents and teachers advised me to start early but like you will do, I brushed their advice under the carpet, saying to myself that I got this under control. Please, do not make that mistake that I made and start early. I know you may think that you have enough time but you will soon realize that time really flies. If you start early, you will be able to write multiple drafts and would have ample time to perfect your essay.

Start Off with Brainstorming

If you are not given a prompt, you should come up with your own college essay prompt. You should think of a topic that you are interested in and you can write enough about it. If you are unable to come up with a topic, you can start writing your essay and then make a suitable title. You should brainstorm about your essay all the time, you should think of it while riding to school, while sitting in the washroom, while sitting at the cafeteria, while waiting for a friend. You may never know when a million-dollar idea, or may I say a dream college ticket idea pops up in your mind.

Make an Outline

After selecting your topic, you should outline your essay. You should know that an essay has three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

You should organize your thoughts according to the accepted structure of an essay. You should begin with topic sentences and then write supporting details and evidence in bullet points under them. If you want to make a good outline, ask professionals to write my paper in no time.

Come Up with an Engaging Opener

You know that many of the essays go unread. If you want your college essay to make a difference, it is crucial that the admission officer finds it interesting and read it till the end. You may start your essay with an anecdote or interesting information, or a strong claim.

Let Your First Draft Flow

After outlining, you should start writing the first draft of your essay. You should do it without taking any stress of making it perfect. It would have to go through various steps before it is declared good for submission.

Take Breaks

The process of writing a college essay is daunting and exhausting. If you have started early and you have ample time, you should take a break every now and then. You should relax, clear your head and then get back to writing.

Find a Creative Angle

Every other student will be writing to impress the admission officer. Instead of focusing on it only, you should write your essay with a creative angle that the admission essay is inspired by reading it. You may want to relate your goals and ambitions to something that the college offers to show them that you will be a perfect fit for the college.

Be Honest

In the quest to impress your admission officer, you should never lose sight of honesty. Believe me, it would do you no good and can be counterproductive.

Get Feedback

After writing your essay, you must ask your friends, family members, and teachers to have a look at your essay. Note their opinions and comments. If they all are stressing a particular point, you should revise it.

Proofread and Make Corrections

Read your essay out loud when alone, and in front of your friends or family members. Ask them to stop you, if they think something is not right. Share a copy with them to look for any grammatical or other mistakes in your essay. You may also want to get the help of an essay writing service to proofread your college essay for free, before submission.

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