Best Grammar and Plagiarism Checking Software for Academic Writing Tasks

English writing is both an interesting and difficult task. For many writers, who have a different mother language and who feel compelled in writing English, there are now certain software’s that can aid them in creating the right content. But the academic writing is different from other forms of writings in English, and a student must consider different essential things in writing their academic stuff. Students can make use of different grammar and plagiarism detecting tools that can help them in creating a doubtless content. To aid students in doing such stuff there are different grammar and plagiarism checking software but not each one of them is reliable. Following is the list of most reliable tools for checking grammar related errors and for detecting plagiarism.


Grammarly is the widely used software for sorting the grammar related issues. For the academic writing, Grammarly provides paid subscriptions that offer a thorough spell check, grammar check and the use of subject- verb agreement. Grammarly has developed its reach to a large number of people out there and many students are using its paid subscriptions for checking their academic tasks. Another benefit of using Grammarly is that it does not interrupt the format of the document. If an essay writer is uploading a document that is properly formatted in any referencing style, Grammarly will not change its outlook in terms of formatting.


QueText is used for detecting plagiarism or similarity indexes in the document. Once you complete a document, you can upload it from anywhere on this software and it will check it for the similarity index. Interestingly, one may access QueText free and its subscription starts when one uses it for around seven or eight times. QueText has advanced security features linked with it that prevent documents from leakage or from being used by another person. Once a document is uploaded on its software it may take hardly seven or eight minutes to generate a report. But in its free version a general report is generated which does not point exactly where the similarity index was detected.


WhiteSmoke can be considered a cheap version of Grammarly. Started in 2002, WhiteSmoke has now expanded its reach worldwide. Unlike Grammarly, WhiteSmoke does not offer a free trial and any person wishing to run his document on WhiteSmoke will have to purchase a paid version of it. WhiteSmoke is not an alternative to Grammarly as it analyses the document for each little error. Its run- on version is much updated and can be used both on mac and windows. WhiteSmoke customer’s reviews suggest that it develops a newer version of the document, as it is much faster and accurate.


BibMe is a plagiarism detector software that is widely misused by many students. For their academic tasks, students upload a similar document and it spins that document which then becomes easy to paraphrase. Students who key essay writing service free on the web, mostly land on this software which then provides them a best alternative instead of developing the original research. BibMe is though prohibited by many institutions worldwide, but since it offers free plagiarism checking therefore many make use of this software for their academic tasks. BibMe offers some paid versions of it as well but its reviewers suggest that its security mechanism is mostly flawed.


CitationMachine is a software mainly used for referencing the documents. The CitationMachine looks after the already developed citations in different styles that make a document appear neat and well developed. CitationMachine is a free software that can be accessed from anywhere from the world. Some versions of CitationMachine also provide plagiarism detection services but many students avoid uploading their document over this software. CitationMachine had remained popular for many long, but since the internet access had become common and widely used, people have started avoiding this software. For the students and those who work on academic tasks, CitationMachine is still a very relevant software.


PaperRater was a start-up that was established around a decade before. PaperRater is the most accessible essay checking software and it is the reason it has remained popular among students. PaperRater access was limited to a certain number of audience but its newer versions that offer paid subscription have improved a lot. If you have access to this software or if you have a paid version of it, upload your final copy of the document to this and you will notice the improvement in your document. PaperRater first of all analyses the paper for grammar related errors and then makes or changes the incorrect use of punctuation. At times, PaperRater offered changing the most used words with their synonyms to reduce the similarity index.


Plagly is a plagiarism detector software that is totally free to access from anywhere around the world. Once you upload the document on Plagly, it will look after it thoroughly and finally release a report that mentions the similarity index. Its newer versions highlight the texts that had been detected as a copied material. For the academic writers, Plagly is the right tool to check their documents for plagiarism detection.

The grammar and plagiarism checking software are available on the web, but a few of them are trustworthy. If you are an academic writer and need such a software it is suggested that you should choose one of the software recommended above. Or you can also get help from a paper writing service at affordable rates.

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