Where to get the best persuasive speech models and samples?

Let's say you have to write a persuasive speech for a competition. The competition is very important for you and you want to win it at all costs. But you are not well-versed in the nitty-gritty of this kind of speech. Your anxiety is aggravating as the day of the speech is coming closer.

It makes sense to be excited while contemplating winning a speech competition. However, writing a persuasive speech is not a piece of cake. If you want help writing a persuasive speech, you can consult an expert online. Online consultation can sometimes be free too. You can place an order for model speeches and samples at affordable prices.

A persuasive speech is a particular type of speech that serves the purpose of persuading the audience to side with the point of view of the speaker. Such speeches usually use three different modes of persuasion. These modes are ethos, logos, and pathos.


The first mode, ethos, is considered the most appealing. Ethos is the credibility of the person who delivers the speech. This credibility is decided by the audience. Therefore, it can be said that the credibility of the speaker depends on what the audience thinks of him. If they do not consider a speaker as a credible source, they might find it difficult to accept his argument. If you need help, consult a paper writing service now.


How do you know if the argument presented by the speaker makes sense? It is determined by the second mode of persuasion referred to as logos. It can be defined as the logical appeal presented by the speaker to the audience. It includes logical arguments based on factual information and evidence.


Pathos is usually combined with logos to present a strong argument to convince the audience. Pathos is the mode of persuasion that is used by the speaker to emotionally appeal to the people listening to the speech. Pathos is utilized to arouse a certain emotion in the audience so that they resonate with the personal experience or anecdote of the speaker. Such emotional connection paves way for complying with the speaker’s point of view.

It usually takes time to grasp the concept of using these modes of persuasion in your speech. If you are a netizen, an online essay writing service can help you in writing your speech. Finding a topic for a persuasive speech can also be a difficult job since you have to present logical and emotionally appealing arguments to defend your topic. Feel free to contact online service providers to ease your worries.

Once I had to deliver a speech on the topic of mental health. I had to convince the guests along with the audience to issue funds for free services of mental health. I had to provide strong arguments to defend my position. My topic was, "Mental health services should be freely available for every individual."

Due to the work pressure of two different jobs and my Master’s thesis, I could not find the time to write that speech on my own. I consulted a friend regarding this matter. He suggested that I take the help of an online service that provides model essays and speeches.

Two days before the speech, I started looking for an online expert who could assist me. After browsing for a while, I came across an online service that promised to provide me with a model essay for my speech within three hours. After requesting them to write my essay online, I went to work. I got the essay on time and I used it to write my speech which helped my company get the funds.

An online subject matter expert is specialized in writing convincing arguments for a speech. You can use the models, outlines, and samples provided by the expert as a guide to writing your speech. Writing a persuasive speech is an art and you can master it with a little help from an essay writer.

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