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An expert essay writer always sees things from a certain perspective and then crafts the story based on every slight detail to support it. The setting, the tone, and everything must be in coherence to whatever the plot is following. As for you my friend, unless you are writing your own literary masterpiece, you might be given a task, to view the perspective of the author and examine how it has been depicted through the entire work. Characters, environment, weather, and everything in between are a part of this. To get you through this with ease, consider following a sample outline for yourself or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Outline Format

Remember that we would be following the traditional 1-3-1 paragraph rule to guide you. If you feel you need to increase the body paragraphs to incorporate all that you want to write then by all means go ahead.

  • Start off with a catchy title that would immediately draw the interest of the crowd. Just writing a literary analysis essay is not enough. Include the element you would be scrutinizing.
  • Next is the introduction and remember the initials (HATMAT). Start with a Hook sentence to get the interest of people aroused. Write something about the Author and the Title of the actual story you would be using. Then a little about Main characters and A short summary. End it with a Thesis stating all your claims. The thesis is essential here as you would be following it completely right till the end of your essay.
  • Now begins the second paragraph or the first body paragraph. Each of the subsequent body paragraphs would have the common format as this one. Some of the essential elements of this include:
    • A topic sentence to start things off that would encapsulate the entire theme of the paragraph.
    • Set the context of some quote if you want it included. Examine the time and place it is being spoken and by whom. Include the direct quote in quotation marks and followed by the in-text citation according to the given format.
    • Analyze the quote and make it sound the part of the paragraph. Do not just incorporate quotes for the sake of it. Create a cloud and atmosphere around it.
    • Finally, proceed to add the final sentence which would not just round things off for this one but also give a glimpse and set things up for the next paragraph.

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  • Add as many paras as you want in the body according to the specific instructions but all shall follow the above pattern. A literary analysis essay outline is really helpful in guiding your essay through till the end. You can get more tips on it from expert writers that do this every day.
  • Finally, you would be ending with a great conclusion. The conclusion serves two purposes. First, it would be a send-off so you should round up your summary into this. What did you make of the analysis, and have you carefully determined the actual reason behind what the author was trying to say? Secondly, you would be giving the reader some food for thought so that they may refer to the essay even after being away from it. Examine the importance of literary analysis and why it is essential to see the perspective of the writer?

Now that you know what an outline for an essay would be, here are some general details about specific parts that you must know to properly utilize them.

  • A hook statement must be something that attracts the eye of the reader as well as his mind. Do not let it be simple or mundane.
  • Topic sentences would not only show the theme of the paragraph but also depict how it would connect with the main theme.
  • It is essential to have a thesis to make the whole essay follow a certain path. The intro, body, and conclusion must all meet with the claims in the thesis in order to have a successful essay. Failing to do it and diverting here and there would get you nowhere. Or maybe land you a ‘C’ grade which is definitely what you want right?
  • If you are talking about the tone used in the essay do not go towards the characters and their impotence. If you are talking about characters then do not diverge towards the rhetorics used. Use the prompt and identify that which is being required. Failing to do this would completely ruin your whole effort.
  • Do not think of an outline as just a useless step to get over with. Sometimes the instructors might demand outlines to judge if you have the right grasp. Even if they do not want it, you want good grades and for that, making a road map is awesome. You can just keep the outline with you and go on with writing your heart out.
  • Finally, apply all the steps of a regular draft on an outline. You need to write it legibly and proofread it to take out inconsistencies. If you do not do this now, the final draft would be much more difficult to change and manage. A little change now is beneficial.
  • Select the outline based on your needs i.e. whether comprehensive or simple but whatever the case, draw it carefully and with interest.

Give yourself some time between the essay writing and the outline drafting so you can see things from a fresh perspective. Once you are ready, just do what you have to do now and get the assignment done. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

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