A sample cause and effect essay outline the effects of pollution

Upshot of Essay

Students should have comprehensive knowledge of various types of essays to comfort their academic flight. One of them is a cause and effect essay that actually reveals the roots of the events and the outcomes of the causes of the problem or event. This type of essay needs hard efforts as the core logic of composing such writing is to explore the origins and the consequences of the portent. It is not as difficult as it seems to be as you just need to craft a cause and effect essay outline to compose your essay which is quite simple. It normally comprises an intro section, main body part as well as concluding section. A core curriculum generally consists of such sort of exercise in order to examine the ability of students to comprehend the sense of definite happenings or actions. If you would view the reason behindhand cause and effect in the globe surrounding you, you could bump into little snags when composing.

An outline of an essay defines an appropriate direction to include key points in the essay and also will enhance your skills and intellectual ability to depict reason. An essay outline initiates a plan prior to writing but you don’t require reinventing the steering wheel. For more clear understanding, let’s have a look at a sample of an essay outline on the effects of pollution or you can ask others to write my essay in no time.

Sample of an outline of an essay

Roadmap of Essay Intro

  1. Background info of the theme to engage the attention of a reader
    1. Define pollution and mention the reference to introduce the actual topic.

      Pollution is the presence of toxic substances in the environment that lead to detrimental effects in nature.

    2. Provide brief specific contextual info about the causes and effects of pollution to step forward to the thesis.
  2. Statement of Thesis

    The overall effects of pollution are startlingly giving birth to global warming, eutrophication, and other serious environmental hazards that need to be addressed immediately.

    1. Introduce the types of pollution

    Air pollution

    It occurs due to chemical, physical as well as biological changes in the air when harmful gases and destructive smoke particles crippled the atmosphere and contaminated the air.

    Soil Pollution

    It occurs due to the existence of high concentrations of toxic chemicals and pollutants in the soil causing adverse impacts on the natural habitats.

    Water Pollution

    It is the most severe pollution that could take a globe on a track of destruction. Living things cannot survive without water but unfortunately, we keep on polluting it without its conservation.

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    Roadmap of Main body

    A. Support para 1

    1. Causes of air pollution

      The main causes of air pollution are operations of mining, farming-related activities, fossil fuels burning, factories and industries exhausting and cleaning products of households. On a daily basis, human beings release an immense volume of chemical materials in the air causing it polluted to survive.

    2. Causes of soil pollution

      The main causes of soil pollution are disposal of waste material, agricultural and industrial activities, accidental spillage of oil, and acid rain that leave an adverse mark on plants, groundwater, wildlife as well as humans.

    3. Causes of water pollution

      The main causes of water pollution are manure and leftover water, factory disposal, mining activities, aquatic dumping, unintentional leakage of oil, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, fossil fuels burning, urbanization, industrial growth, waste of animal, global warming, emission of radioactive rays and seepage from septic tank lines. Due to such key causes, insufficient water is available to drink, cook, irrigate crops, and carry out other domestic and farming activities.

    B. Support para 2

    1. Effects of air pollution

      Overall, the effects of pollution are extremely alarming despite the type of pollution. Air pollution entails global warming, chronic diseases, respiratory problems, acid rains as well as eutrophication. As a result, a large number of species of wildlife have to alter their habitat to ensure their survival.

    C. Support para 3

    1. Effects of soil and water pollution

      Due to water and soil contamination, the health of individuals is severely affected which give birth to various diseases. It also adversely impacts the plant’s growth and nourishment, reduces the fertility of the soil, and alters the structure of the soil.

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    Roadmap of Concluding Section

    A. Summary of the key points

    Therefore, it can be concluded that the effects of pollution are extremely harmful in the environment. It influences natural habitats to change their patterns of living to ensure their survival.

    B. Rephrase the statement of thesis

    So, pollution gives rise to harmful problems including global warming, chronic diseases, and eutrophication, and so on. Environmental agencies need to encounter this severe issue and should take effective steps to mitigate the contamination.

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