Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School Students

Are you looking for topics, students? If you are a high school student, then I bet you have no idea what kind of topics you need to write essays on.

After all, you must be new to this sort of thing, so you are probably searching for ideas. An expert essay writer always picks a topic that is unique and interesting.

And I am going to give those ideas to you today. I am going to select a few topics for a cause-and-effect essay and then explain them to you. We will delve deep into these topics, and you will get to know all about writing an essay of your own.

Here are your topics!

Topic #1: Why Do Teachers Quit?

This will be a fun topic to explore for your new essay and will probably impress your teachers.

Notice that in this topic, teachers quitting is the EFFECT while the problems need to be discussed.

So, you will define multiple problems and then mention that these problems result in teachers quitting.

One problem can be that teachers aren’t paid well, so they quit.

Topic #2: Homelessness

So this is an interesting topic because it can be utilized in many ways

For example, you can write about the many problems that cause homelessness. Why are people homeless?

Or, you can make homelessness the problem and discuss its effect on homeless people.

Either way, you will get a cause-and-effect essay that is brilliant and unique.

Topic #3: Reasons for American Civil War

This is yet another easy topic. Most of you have probably read all about the American Civil War in your history textbooks, so it won’t be hard to find the reasons for it happening.

Just go through your textbook again and find three reasons. If you can’t find them, then perhaps a paper writing service can help you along the way. They are there to help students, after all.

Remember, here the Civil War is the effect. The reasons the war happened in the first place are the problems.

Topic #4: Effects of the Holocaust

Yet again, this topic is similar to the previous one and won’t be hard to tackle.

The structure for it will be simple enough. The Holocaust is most definitely the problem here, and you will have to research how it impacted people’s lives.

You can turn this around and discuss the reasons the Holocaust happened as well.

Topic #5: Effects of Globalization

Another topic that is extremely popular these days. This won’t be hard to write because you will have felt the effects of globalization yourself.

All you have to do is brainstorm a little bit, and you will find that globalization has had many effects.

One effect is that it has increased the interaction between different people from different cultures.

Topic #6: Reasons for Racism

Ok, so this might be controversial, but it is true that there is a reason a person turns out to be racist.

People are not born racist, you know?

So, here you have to give three reasons for people becoming racists. One reason can be that they grew up in a racist environment.

Remember, explaining these reasons does not mean that you are making excuses for racists.

Topic #7: Influence of Pop Culture

Why is pop culture so influential?

How does pop culture influence people?

Here you have two topics related to pop culture. Just like the topics mentioned above, pop culture can be a problem or an effect.

You can discuss the reasons behind pop culture’s influence, or you can talk about how it affects people.

So, you have a few topics now…

Now you can get started on that essay of yours. If not, then remember my advice of checking out an essay writing service. This will seriously help you in figuring out how professional essays are written.

So, do not worry and get started on your essay. One way or another, you will get there.

However, still think about how I write my essay, take a deep breath and pick the topic that you find interesting.

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