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'How to write an essay' is a very simple question but to answer it, is very difficult. Academics have written several books containing rules, principles, and techniques to apply while writing an essay. The main issue or subject of the matter is, it is very difficult for students to comprehend all those rules. All those defined rules made the essay writing online distinctive from other academic writings. If you are thinking it is like story writing then my dear you are wrong. An essay is much more than that where you have to write about a topic from every possible angle so that a reader can have a comprehensive idea about an issue.

To cover a vast range of topics and ideas academics have divided essays into various forms or types. Every type is significant in terms of its unique sequence of ideas and the ability to cover a very crucial topic. I know what you are thinking, yes, every essay has the same sequence as an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. But these are the body paragraphs where the main difference happens. The format of body paragraphs of a descriptive or argumentative essay is a lot different than a cause and effect essay. Unlike any other essay, the sequence of this essay is most difficult because you cannot leave a point unexplained.

It would definitely eliminate the purpose of its writing and you would not be able to comprehend your point of view. Due to the complexity of its nature students often find it difficult to write or when they do they write a very weak essay in terms of content. I am speaking from my experience, I have been teaching students for two decades and all of them find it difficult to write such an essay. The crucial part is to maintain a balance between causes and effects which students often miss or simply do not comprehend.

The ‘balance’ between these two is very important otherwise you might end up writing a descriptive essay. To write a good essay students often ask *help me write an essay for free* for high schools and colleges. Well, such students can get help from legit essay writing services working round the clock. They have professional writers with years of experience in writing and produce optimum quality essays with a logical balance. For your guidance, I am writing down some tips. By following these you can write an exceptional essay. Or if you have no time, buy essay online now.

Professional tips to maintain logical balance in cause and effect essay

First, you should focus on two words 'cause and effect' it means they go side by side in an essay. You should not diverge from ‘one’ in order to write about the ‘other.’ Yes, it is true when you write an essay you do not realize it. Due to the flow of ideas, you diverge from the original point, for a beginner, it is not that of a big deal after little practice you can overcome this issue.

Secondly, you can maintain balance by discussing one cause and one effect in each paragraph of your essay. In the end, it would automatically create balance within your essay. Just make sure that in a single paragraph you should cover your point comprehensively. Once you are able to do that your essay would become eloquent. The most important thing is your use of words and quantity. If you have used 200 words for explaining cause the quantity for effect should also be the same. This principle would not be effective if you are writing a cause and effect essay on a historical event. In such a case, your cause may be in 100 words but the effects definitely would cover more words.

Thirdly, to put this in question, if you are writing an essay about ‘war on terror’ then you would start from the attack on ‘twin towers,’ New York. In simple terms, you can say that two planes crashed into the World Trade Center causing it to collapse (cause). The effect was the then American President George Bush declared a ‘war on terrorism’ throughout the globe (effect).

Fourthly, the above example shows the perfect balance between cause and effect. When you are writing an essay you should make it clear that a reader gets the full picture. If you want to explain the above example (effect) you can do that too. To put this into perspective, you can say that after the attack on the twin towers President Bush wanted to nip to the bud. In order to maintain peace and to secure the world from potential danger, he ordered the attack on Afghanistan where all the leadership of Al-Qaeda was hiding. You can explain (cause) it till the American attack on Iraq too.

Fifthly, while writing your cause and effect essay, in body paragraphs you can write all the causes first followed by effects point by point. You should be careful while using this format as you may divert from the original cause due to the inflow of ideas. To avoid such a situation, write all the causes in pointers so that you do not miss anything important.

Sixthly, you should know your topic from all possible angles so that you can cover it comprehensively. For guidance, you can contact the cheapest essay writing service because it provides free consultation about topics for its clients around the world. The other free facilities which you can avail of are citation, basic revision, and outline for your essay. Once you have opted for all these services then you can write a well-articulated cause and effect essay with a logical balance of arguments.

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