An Outline for a Classification Essay on the topic 'Types of Cars'

Have your teacher asked you to write a classification college essay writing online? Are you stressing because you have never done a classification essay before? Do you not know where to start and what to do in your essay? Do you have no idea how to classify the given subject into various categories? Have you been asked to write a classification essay on types of cars? Well, stop stressing, I agree that writing a classification essay for the first time could be a daunting task but once you know the basics of a classification essay it is a piece of cake. Moreover, you should also stop worrying and take a deep relaxing breath because you have reached the right webpage. You should know that you are in good hands. After reading this blog, an essay writer will be able to write a stellar classification essay on types of cars within no time. In this blog, we will first understand what a classification essay is, how one can classify things into different useful categories for the classification essay, and lastly, we will learn how to structure our classification essay by making a general outline. I know many of you will be wanting a readymade outline on the given topic, for those we will outline a classification essay on ‘types of cars,’ in the end.

What is a classification essay?

It is a type of essay, in which you have to classify or categorize subject matter, ideas, items, objects, into various useful categories. The items which have similar categories are placed in one category and that different trait are placed in a different group. You have to explain how the categorization is helpful. You also have to substantiate your categorization by providing examples and data to prove that the respective items belong to a certain category or class. The primary purpose of classification essays is to break things into simpler substances to help the reader understand them. Dividing things into different categories also help in the organization of ideas and items.

How do you classify items into different categories?

Classification essay is like any other essay type and one who has good academic writing skills can craft a quality essay if he/she can get the classification of items into different categories right. This is the most important step in writing a classification essay and the effectiveness of your essay also depends on it. To categorize, after deciding the object that you want to classify, you have to select a single principle or a perspective according to which you will classify the items. The number of categories should depend upon the length of your essay. If you are writing a normal college essay assignment, most likely you will be writing a five-paragraph essay. For such essays, you only need three categories. You should make sure that your classes do not overlap.

Making an essay outline

Do you love cars? However, you hate academic writing. It is most likely that you will have been staring at your computer screen for hours thinking about how to categorize cars into different categories or how to begin your essay. One of the great ways to get you started is by making a classification essay outline. You can easily start outlining as you know that it is not the draft of your essay and is only a rough outline. I know many of you will say that outline is not even required by the teacher, why don’t we start writing the actual essay. Well, have you been able to do that you will not be here? Secondly, you are not writing an outline for your teacher but yourself. An outline will help you strategize your whole essay. It would act as a sketch of your essay. After putting the sketch together, you can easily complete your essay, without worrying about the structure and organization of your essay. Or if confused, you can ask others to write my paper for me.

Classification essay outline

Before you start outlining, you should know that like all other types of essays, a classification essay also has three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion.

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You have to grab the attention of the reader and briefly explain why classification is useful. An introduction should include:

  • Hook statement
  • A brief explanation of why it is difficult to categorize the subject.
  • Thesis statement – your whole essay would revolve around this.


You will expand the thesis statement in the body paragraphs. You will discuss every category mentioned in the thesis statement in separate paragraphs. Each of your body paragraphs should include:

  • A topic sentence that supports the thesis statement, at the start of a new paragraph
  • An explanation of why you have placed particular items in the respective category
  • How your classification is useful


You will end your essay with a concluding paragraph, which includes:

  • Reemphasize the thesis statement
  • Summarize the categorization discussed in the body paragraphs

Outlining a classification essay on types of cars


  • Imagine your life without cars.
  • Today, there are so many different categories and types of cars are seen on the roads that it is impossible to identify which car is of which type.
  • Cars can be easily divided into three basic categories; sedans, coupes, and convertibles, based on their designs.


First paragraph

  • One of the primary types of cars is sedan, which is a family car and comes in a three-box configuration.
  • Audi 8, Honda City, Toyota Vios, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, and Mercedes- Benz C300 fall in the category of sedan cars.
  • With this categorization, one can easily identify a sedan car by looking at the three-box configuration.

Second body paragraph

  • The second category of cars based on design is coupes.
  • It includes sporty cars which usually have two doors. Mercedes Benz 17, Volkswagen 14, BMW M8, and Nissan GT-R are some of the coupe cars.
  • One can easily tell if a car is of coupe type by counting its doors.

Third body paragraph

  • Convertible is the third type of car, which has a removable top.
  • Porsche 911, jaguar F-Type, BMW Z4, Lamborghini Huracan, and Audi Cabriolet fall in this category of cars.
  • If you ever look at a car without a top in nice weather, you can tell that it is a convertible.


  • Although there are many types of cars, sedans, coupes, and convertibles are the three basic categories of cars.
  • While sedans have a three-box configuration and have four doors, coupes generally have two doors, and convertibles are the ones without roofs.

This detail will help you write a perfect essay in no time. If you still need help, consult the cheapest essay writing service now.

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