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Students feel accomplished when they successfully complete graduation from high school. It is a moment of joy and an opportunity for a brighter future. Yes, it is the first step of the ladder to get success in the long run. Your time in high school is full of fun where you get the opportunity to learn many new subjects and topics. Apart from your academics you also reform your personality and learn how to interact with society. Your participation in sports and other extracurricular activities made you physically and mentally strong. It ultimately enables an essay writer to overcome any futuristic challenge.

From many challenges writing a good college application essay is the biggest challenge but only for some students. Bright students tend to write their own essays but others try to contact a professional essay writing service and academic essay writers. The use of these two options made them distinct from other students who face rejection from colleges. You can call your college essay the backbone of your admission documents. If it is extraordinary and compelling enough only then the admission counselor would give you admission in their respective academic discipline.

The most difficult task is to write your previous achievements and futuristic goals within the given word limit. The word limit varies depending upon your educational institution but in most cases, it is 500-800 words. Remember that there would be plenty of college applications against one student seat. The admission committee would not have enough time to read a long college essay. There are slight chances that they might reject your admission altogether if it exceeds the given word limit. Sometimes it made it hard for students to write an appealing college essay. It is also true that without a good college essay you might not be able to secure admission altogether.

Do not get disappointed yet, you can write a very good college application essay if you go through different college application essay examples once after graduating. By doing so you would be able to know the basic format and structure of a good college essay. After all, in the end, it is all about your content and how much you convince the college admission committee to give you admission rather than giving it to anyone else. In this post, I will write a summary of two college application examples. By following these you can write a very good college essay. For your essay, you can expand these ideas in the hope to secure admission for a college or you can ask others to write my essay.

College essay application examples

Prompt 1

Write something about your personal development or personal qualities, accomplishments, talent, or contribution to the society that you think is very important to you. Why this triumph makes you proud and how did it change you.

Since the age of 12, I have been an extraordinary internet entrepreneur. With the help of my teachers and family members, I managed to write codes and designed different gaming websites. Initially, it was very difficult for me to process all that information but with time I learned how to avoid such mistakes. Due to my exceptional abilities first I started my own software development business and then I joined software giant Intel Corporation as a webmaster. It was a golden opportunity for me to learn some advanced coding rules. My interest and enthusiasm enabled me to secure a permanent position in the company. The only difference was academically I was not qualified enough to hold that position for a long time. That is why it is very important for me to get a masters' degree from Stanford University. The admission would not only benefit me but it will be beneficial for the university as well. As after getting my degree I might be able to donate a large amount to the institution. (It is an extract from an actual college application essay)

Prompt 2

Describe your experiences from the world where you belong and come from, tell us something about your school, community, and family, how your world helped you to shape your aspirations and dreams, and how much society helped you to achieve your dreams.

A dream is just a dream unless you do something practical to change it into reality. Dreams shape our present and enable us to secure our future. My family also has some aspiration from me that I should become a practicing doctor. My family takes this aspiration from our community where there is an immense shortage of good doctors. It was very tough for my parents to go through all that trouble without a single doctor when I was a kid. Ever since I got injured or sick they have to travel a lot to carry me to the nearby hospital which was a hundred miles away. I always saw myself as a doctor in my parents’ eyes. They left no stone unturned to help me out in my education and provided all the facilities within the vicinity of my house. After the trouble, my parents went through for my treatment my parents were determined that their son would become a messiah for our community so that he could help other people. (It is an extract from an actual college application essay)

These two college essays have been written on given prompts; sometimes the prompt can be changed by an academic institution. It depends on your academic discipline in which you apply for admission. Remember that whatever the prompt is you have to stick with the format, and word limit. If you can fulfill these two requirements then I am sure you can secure admission to a good college or university. If confused, you can ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

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