Common errors and silly mistakes you don't want to make in your research paper

Imagine getting praise from your professors for demonstrating exceptional writing and research skills. I know that even thinking of getting praise brightens up your day. However, in reality, making an impression on the professors isn’t a piece of cake because writing a research paper is a hard nut to crack. However, practice makes an individual perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to practice writing to attain good grades.

If you are a student, you must have noticed that despite practicing more you aren’t able to write an effective research paper. I know it is frustrating that even after a lot of practice you still end up receiving lower grades.

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t able to nail the art of writing an effective research paper? If yes, then you aren’t alone many students have asked this question from themselves and many have spent several nights thinking of the main reason for always receiving fewer scores. Well, let me put an end to all your ambiguities by answering a simple question for you.

The reasons you aren’t able to make an impression on your professors and receiving poor scores are because of a few silly mistakes that most of you haven’t even considered paying attention to. Wanna know what are those silly mistakes that you make while writing and that cost you your grades? If yes, then you are at the right place and that so at the right time. After a lot of hard work, I have pointed out a few common mistakes that students often make while writing a research paper along with some tips on how to avoid them.

So what are we waiting for? let’s begin

A Boring Intro

The first impression is the last therefore your introduction must be catchy enough to grab readers’ attention. Students, in their introduction, often spend more time explaining the background than focusing on the topic and thesis statement and therefore miss the opportunity to hook the readers.

Tip: If you want to hook the readers, start your college essay with statistical facts, a question, or even with a quote that is relevant to your topic. They give a little background information and you are done writing an impressive introduction.

A Vague Thesis Statement

What happens if a building is designed without pillars? Or what happens if the pillars of the building are weak? The answer is obviously a building will fall. Similarly, when your thesis statement is vague you won’t be able to write an effective research paper.

All you have to do is first analyze your topic from a different perspective and then ask yourself a few questions such as what stands out the most? What idea do you think is imperative and you can do more research on? When you have found the answer to these questions you can then simply write an effective thesis statement.

You need to let the readers give an idea of what side of the argument you’ll be supporting, what and why you are claiming about a certain thing, and what readers can expect from the coming paragraphs.

Tip: Make sure that your thesis statement is not too long or too short. Make it clear and concise.

Adding Fluff

Typically, professors provide students with a word limit that they have to follow. However, in an attempt to reach the word limit, they often add fluff and end up with an essay that is vague and jumbled up with various thoughts. Moreover, most of the time students add anecdotal information that is simply superfluous because no one is interested in reading who did what rather people are interested in reading the quality research and an effective literature review.

Remember! in your paper, you are required to demonstrate exceptional research skills so you need to take help from primary and secondary sources to reach the word count. You are welcome to present your analysis as well but make sure that you aren’t dragging one point since readers can spot the irrelevant content quickly.

Not Researching Properly

Obviously, to write an effective paper an essay writer needs to spend a lot of time gathering data. However, students usually gather data from random sources and don’t try to cross-check them whether these sources are credible or not. Also, many students only look for primary sources and then skim through them which is wrong. While researching you must read the primary source carefully, jot down the important, and then start looking for secondary sources to fully understand the concept. After reading secondary sources your perspective about the topic may change and you can write an effective research paper.

Tip: While you are doing research it is important that you only use authentic sources that are peer-reviewed and are cited in multiple other sources.

Not Proofreading

Redundancy, incomplete sentences, sentence fragmentations, punctuations, and spelling mistakes can cost you your grade. Usually, when students are in a hurry they tend to make several grammatical and punctuation mistakes that result in poor grades. Therefore, it is important that you start your work early so that you have plenty of time to proofread and make corrections.

If you have written your research paper with full attention, then again you should proofread because you never know where you can find a mistake that can cost you your grades. It is recommended to take help from peers because they will read your paper with a neutral perspective and can spot errors that may not be visible to you.

If you are in crunch time and aren’t able to proofread your essay, then I suggest you take help from an authentic paper writing service and let them proofread your paper in no time.

I hope that the above guide will facilitate you in learning about the common mistakes that can cost you your grades. However, if you still aren’t able to write an effective research paper then there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional essay writer because at the end of the day your grades are imperative.

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