Common Mistakes in Argumentative Essay Writing

Writing an argumentative essay is one of the most common types of academic writing. You must have written either in your school or college. Have you ever wondered despite being familiar with argumentative essay writing you fail to get high scores? What mistakes are you making that go unnoticed every time you write an essay? If you haven’t thought about these questions earlier now is the time to find answers to these questions. You have to use a highly professional and persuasive tone to convince your readers through words. Although changing someone’s viewpoint is a difficult task but certainly not an impossibility. You can learn the art of making people believe in you through the right choice of words. If you have learned the art of convincing people through words it becomes a piece of cake for you to write an argumentative essay.

It is not possible to improve your essay writing skills until you identify and correct your own mistakes. Don’t worry if you are not aware of the dos and don'ts of writing an essay i will share some common mistakes made by students while writing an argumentative essay. It will help you evaluate your own writing skills and fix those mistakes. You need to understand the basic structure of your essay to be able to construct a mind-blowing essay to impress your instructor.

Basically, an argumentative essay aims to present your side of arguments on a controversial issue. You have to clear your position by presenting arguments either against the topic or in the favour of the topic. You have to develop arguments to prove your point but your essay will only have an impact on the audience if you avoid common mistakes.

Let’s pay attention to the mistakes that should be avoided to write an incredible argumentative essay or you can ask others to write my essay.

Most Common Mistakes while Writing an Essay

  1. 1. Poorly formulated Topic:

    Formulating a topic is the most initial and essential step of writing an essay. Your entire essay depends on how you have formulated the topic. Some students make mistakes in the very initial step of writing an essay by choosing a poorly formulated topic which messes your entire essay up. The essay prompt must be read and understood well by the students to write a well-constructed essay. You need to avoid this mistake by formulating a proper meaningful prompt for your essay. Try to understand the subject of your essay very well before jumping into writing.

  2. 2. Non Sequitur Arguments

    Another mistake that students often make is to add non sequitur arguments in your essay. If you have developed a strong and appealing thesis statement make sure that the arguments you present in the body paragraph must support the statement. At times students come up with the most appropriate and appealing thesis statement but they fail to provide strong arguments and evidence in the body paragraphs. There is a difference between stating your arguments and explaining your topic. You will get zero marks if you fail to construct compelling arguments that reflect back to the thesis statement. For example, if your thesis statement is “world war 2 led to the formation of a bipolar world” and you explain the general information about world war 2 in the body paragraphs. It would definitely not make sense.

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  3. 3. Lack of evidential support

    An argumentative essay is all about arguing on a controversial issue by stating arguments along with strong evidence to make your viewpoint stand out. Your essay won’t be effective and impactful to the audience If you fail to come up with strong and credible evidence to support your arguments. In order to make your essay persuasive, you have to add strong evidence such as statistical facts, historic facts, examples, or quotations of famous and successful personalities. You have to add strong evidence to support your claims. This is the most common and repeated mistake by many students which makes them fail miserably. You have to avoid this mistake to be able to write an effective essay.

  4. 4. Wrong formatting style

    Another mistake that is often overlooked by the students while writing an essay is formatting your document incorrectly. Formatting styles are not only for the citations but you also have to take care of the other things like the title page, headers, footers, referencing list, and other details. Make sure to follow the requirements of the formatting style you prefer to follow. Try to avoid this mistake to make your document look more professional and formal.

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