Common Mistakes Students make in Argumentative Essay Writing

Well, every student goes through different phases throughout their academic years. The most common process they encounter is that they are usually asked to write different types of essays with a common purpose. Ultimately, the common goal is to make students’ writing abilities sharper and improve their analytical skills.

Students need to be very careful while writing any kind of essay. Although the standards are the same, each article has its requirements as well. If any student fails to follow those requirements, the one will inevitably lose its scores, and also it will be hard for the reader to understand the actual objective behind drafting an essay.

Students are assigned to different kinds of essays, so they can also take help from various advisable examples to know the differences among each type of essay. You can also hire an adviser for your ‘college essay help’ to make yourself clear of how to write any kind of essay. You will get every classification of the article and so that it will be easier for you to know the dos and don’ts for each. For example, if you want to write an argumentative essay, you will be taking care of the things that enhance the beauty of an argumentative essay.

To beautify your argumentative essay, you will follow the basic rules and some knowledge about the common mistakes that students make. Eventually, their articles are not up to that mark. It will make them just to lose their scores and prove yourself as an incompetent writer in the eyes of your instructor or reader. You can take the tips and guidelines from the write my paper service to write an effective essay that your reader will appreciate. If you write an effective essay, your reader and the instructor will be impressed and would crave the next piece of information you have already provided.

Let’s talk about the common mistakes that students make and thus lose their scores. The standard errors are following;

  1. 1. Badly managed structure

    To start with, the very first step a student needs is to choose a topic that is manageable throughout your essay. If you select a problem that is not manageable, you will lose the basic format of your argumentative essay. The topic chosen must be reflected in your overall sections of the entire body.

    Similarly, you need to reflect on your main topic in your thesis statement as well. The thesis statement will be the reference point for your overall essay. If you are unable to write an effective thesis statement, you will surely be going on the wrong track!

    Likewise, the topic points of your main body must also interlink with your primary topic. For example, if your main problem is about ‘quality of education is mandatory,’ then your main body can constitute different topic sentences. For example, quality of education improves the student’s analytical abilities, and quality of education is essential for making a learner competent for their career goals, or students know the difference between right and wrong if they are provided with quality education.

    All of the mini structures are important to make a fantastic argumentative essay. You need to be very careful while writing every piece of information. If still confused, ask others to write essay for me.

  2. 2. Irregular supporting arguments

    You need to be very attentive while writing your thesis statement. If your thesis statement is not up to the mark, then surely you are failing to elaborate on what you are about to say in your overall text.

    Let’s suppose if you are talking about ‘students learn the difference between right and wrong when they are guided with quality education,’ while in the main body, you are writing every piece of information related to your topic sentence but failed to mention the exact one that closely links with your topic sentence. As you are holding forth about its pros and cons, its background, but you are failing to mention the right or wrong things that you are learning with the quality of education.

  3. 3. Badly supported pieces of evidence

    You know that every shred of argument must be backed up with a particular piece of evidence or fact. So if you fail to mention the perfect evidence regarding the statement that you have already stated, you are losing the right track. Cite your argument with an authentic piece of facts, or your argumentative essay will undoubtedly be rejected.

    The student must understand that facts are indeed essential to validate the statements. One can take references from academic journals, blogs, newspapers, or any book. The organization of extracting your sources must go this way;

    • Scientific articles/journals
    • Non-fiction books/novels
    • Scientific and miscellaneous websites
    • Google Scholar
  4. 4. Unattractive conclusion

    Although the primary objective of writing a conclusion is to restate your thesis statement and the arguments you have stated in your overall text, sometimes students keep on reiterating the thesis statement. Those students must know that the main motive of writing a conclusion is not to restate the reference point but also to restate those arguments you have written in your body paragraphs. So, an end must conclude every information in a way that can give your reader an impressive look.

  5. 5. Missing citations

    As your every argument must be supported with a particular piece of evidence that can validate your arguments. A proper citation is essential to get your reader to know about the justification of your overall essay.

Sometimes your instructor provides a citation format that you will apply on your citation; otherwise, you will use it as per the respective disciplines. Finally, you need to make sure that every quote is placed adequately with every argument and thus conforms to the standards of writing an argumentative essay.

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