Common mistakes to avoid while writing a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is the most common form of assignment. And it seems like a hard nut to crack to most of the students. Are you one of those students? Worry not! This article has everything you need to know about crafting meritorious persuasive essays.

Keep in mind one thing, don’t let the long horrible essay prompt scare you!

A persuasive essay is not that hefty task if you have the right topic to work on and you have developed an outline before starting the actual essay.

Let's jump to the most common mistakes that students commit while writing a persuasive essay.

  1. They do not read the question carefully enough, miss elements of content, and write about the wrong thing.
  2. They do not look at keywords carefully enough, for example, a request to justify would have different content from a request to discuss or a request to explain.
  3. The essay is not structured. Even in an exam, it is a good idea to collect your thoughts and then present them in a logical fashion rather than just writing them down in the order that you thought of them.

The above three are the most common mistakes teachers highlight while marking a persuasive essay.

Most of the students will pay for essay to get it done by someone else to avoid the hassle.

However, if you are the one who wants to do it yourself then you must avoid the mistakes I have delineated below.

Students downplay with the tone

Persuasive writing, position paper, and argumentative essay, all aim to convince the reader of a certain viewpoint. This type of writing uses sound arguments, reasoning, and logic. Generally, compelling evidence, voice, choice of words, and tone are used to persuade the reader.

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you have to sound factual, logical, and sensible. “Serious and fair-minded” is what the tone of a persuasive essay looks like.

The success of a persuasive essay depends on the fact reader is ready to listen to your agreement before disagreeing with it. If you sound begging or sarcastic, it will draw the reader's attention. Channel your aim to persuade the reader with a tone that delivers your conviction.

Are you confident enough about the argument you are making? You will automatically sound convincing. A captivating tone will obviously come to you.

Use of Clichés

A word or a phrase that has been used for a million times in writing. These phrases are hackneyed.

For instance, ‘leave no stone unturned’ has also been used a lot in writings and the phrase has lost its novelty and effectiveness. They contribute nothing new in your writing. The reader of your essay will simply consider it as padding.

Also, if you fill your essay with clichés it will make you sound lazy!

Incorrect quoting

Keep in mind, if you are not quoting correctly, you risk your grade. Avoid the following mistakes:

  • Overloading of quotations
  • Irrelevant quotations
  • Broken sentences
  • Plagiarism
  • Overused quotes and clichés


Never make the mistake of copy-pasting the text verbatim from your source, instated always write in your words. This will be possible for you if you understand the source well.

If you think you are not understanding the context of source information, do not put it exactly in your college essay.

Weak argumentation

Students are not aware of the main components of the arguments. Neither they follow the rules of argumentation. The mistakes students commit while writing an argument are:

  • They don’t build your claim.
  • They miss a qualifier to the claim
  • They offer no ground and good reasons to support the claim
  • There is a connection between the claim and reasons.
  • They provide no backing up if the claim is controversial
  • They miss the additional ground to support the claim.
  • They ignore counterarguments.
  • There is no strong conclusion.

The arguments should not miss the claim, the grounds, and the warrant. Use the Toulmin model for your argumentation. The best part is, this model is not only used to create effective arguments but also offers a framework that tests the arguments for their validity. Even if you have to evaluate an argument, look for these components in it. The first three are vital in academic essays, do not take them for granted.

If you are not good at argumentation, you should ask an online essay writing service to provide you with some custom essays to help you with argumentation.

No Hooks

Do you want people to fall in love with your essay? Do you want readers to feel excited when they go through your essay? Or want to grab the audience's attention in any other way?

The only way to achieve this is, using attention-grabbing hooks in your essay.

Using a hook in the introduction is the first step towards keeping your reader interested in the essay. Let’s first look into different types of essay hooks first.

Wrong use of tenses

Tenses inform readers about the time of events or actions. But when it comes to essay writing, tenses go beyond telling the readers about the chronology of events. Tense usage also reveals the attitude of the writer towards the issue being told or reported.

Also, incorrect use of tense results in impacting the quality of your essay and you end up having a poor grade, especially in English. Thus, the use of tense must be made carefully, it can break or make an impression in an essay.

Once you understand the use of these tenses, essay writing will be a piece of cake for you.

No Proofreading

This is the biggest mistake students commit while completing their assignments. They consider their first draft a final and don’t bother to get it checked by others.

That’s all about the mistake one has to avoid while writing a persuasive essay.

Avoid all the mistakes I have mentioned above, or else hire a professional essay writer to assist you. For grades are more important.

Good Luck!

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