50 Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics to Get Started

Most of the things that we see have an opponent. It is believed that opposites are actually important because they highlight the significance of each other. For instance, we would not be able to appreciate happiness had there been no sorrow or sadness. Humans have a tendency to see things in comparison and relevance to others.

To compare is inherent in human nature. That is why a compare and contrast essay is widely written and appreciated. Many times an essay writer finds it difficult to choose a topic for writing a compare and contrast essay.

Following is a list of interesting topics that can help you take a good start or you can ask a paper writing service to find a topic for you.

  1. Black Lives Matter Vs. All Lives Matter
  2. Should women be allowed to have an abortion or not?
  3. Similarities and Differences between the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution.
  4. Comparing British East India Company and China’s OBOR
  5. Blacks in America, before and after the Civil war.
  6. Spending too much time with gadgets, is it good or bad?
  7. A comparison of the Korean war and the Vietnam war
  8. The American invasion of Iraq Vs. The American invasion of Afghanistan.
  9. Balance of Power Vs. Balance of Terror.
  10. Security Before and After Nuclear Weapons.
  11. Banking System of Education Vs. Problem-Solving System of Education.
  12. Social Contract of Rousseau and Locke.
  13. Liberalism Vs. Realism.
  14. Karl Marx Vs. Adam Smith.
  15. How was WWII different from WWI?
  16. Did the United Nations repeat the Mistakes Committed by the League of Nations?
  17. How are Modern Parents Different from Traditional Parents?
  18. Eastern and Western Culture.
  19. Christianity Vs. Islam
  20. How much better is online teaching than traditional teaching?
  21. Life before and After Covid-19 Pandemic.
  22. Benefits and Losses of Staying Home Over the Lockdown.
  23. Public Schools Vs. Private Schools.
  24. A Comparison of Apple with Samsung.
  25. Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice Debate.

Students may still feel confused. They, at times, might feel like an essay writing service can help them in this regard but choosing the right topic for a compare and contrast essay solves half of the problem. Following are some more topics for the Compare and Contrast essay.

  1. Science Vs. Religion.
  2. Are Emails Better than Letters?
  3. Impacts of the Cold War in Asia and Africa.
  4. A Comparison of Shakespeare and Marlowe.
  5. How was Nietzsche’s Philosophy Different from that of Schopenhauer?
  6. Comparing a day job with a night job.
  7. How were Newspapers better than Online News?
  8. A comparison of the French Revolution with the American Revolution.
  9. Non-Traditional Security Threats Vs. Traditional Security Threats.
  10. Democratic and Non-Democratic Regimes: A Comparison.
  11. Civil Rights in European and Middle Eastern States: Compare and Contrast.
  12. Comparing the Works of Plato and Aristotle.
  13. Instagram Vs. Snapchat.
  14. Republicans and Democrats in America.
  15. Capitalism Vs. Communism.
  16. HP Vs. Dell.
  17. Cash Payments Vs. E-Payments.
  18. Ronaldo Vs. Messi
  19. Cricket Vs. Football
  20. Hollywood Vs. Bollywood.
  21. Italian Cuisine Vs. Mexican Cuisine.
  22. Social Sciences Vs. Natural Sciences.
  23. Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction.
  24. Academic Writing Vs. Creative Working.
  25. Black Lives Matter Vs. Blue Lives Matter.

I once asked my siblings to write my paper for me, because I was really confused with the topic. They could not prove to be of greater help. This interesting list of topics might help a lot of confused students out there.

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