Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Techniques – Guide

Some students think that writing essays means writing about similarities and differences in two (2) different ways. But the case is very different. Purpose of this kind of essay is not to write down similar and different characteristics of subjects. But there is something more than what we think.

To understand and learn how to compare and contrast essays are written, one should understand its concept of online essay writing. Hence, let’s introduce ourselves to the concept of this essay.

A compare and contrast essay is the one that discovers known as well as unknown similarities and variances among relevant and related subjects (two or more) where every argument is backed up by relevant examples and evidence.

Based on the main concept, it should be kept in mind that writing a compare and contrast essay is something beyond comparing and contrasting. Hence, you should be very careful to ensure perfection while composing your own essay. But how can it be done? Hence, this article guides you on writing techniques used to write compare and contrast essays.

Writing Techniques

  1. 1. Selecting the subject(s)

    The very first and initial step of the writing process is topic selection. It is also a very important step that needs to be done with perfection. Otherwise, you may not be able to write a masterful essay. Because selecting an appropriate and perfect subject will lead to gathering credible facts and information. So, you will compose a masterpiece. But what a perfect and appropriate subject is?

    An appropriate and perfect subject is the one where comparing and contrasting subjects are;

    • Relevant
    • Realistic
    • Related

    For instance, if you are going to write about leaders then choose two (2) leaders instead of choosing a leader and a politician.

    Some students are efficient in brainstorming; hence they choose a powerful topic for their essays. But they are in trouble when it comes to essay writing. Hence, Google “ write my paper” to find and hire an essay writing service if your case is the same. This means if you have a perfect topic in hand but not sure that you will write your essay flawlessly and professionally.

  2. 2. Brainstorming Similarities and Distinctions

    You selected your subjects that are relevant and related! Perfect! Now proceed to start thinking about each one to explore them. It means that you brainstorm about the subjects and figure out all possible similarities and differences between them. You may be thinking about “How” but do not worry. It is not a too complicated task but much simpler.

    All you need to make two (2) different lists where one should be for listing similarities while another one is to list differences between subjects. You can get the help of a Venn diagram in taking this step. Simply, make two (2) circles that overlap each other. Where one should be for points of comparison and another for contrast. While the overlapping space will be for sharing points.

    It is a good approach because it clearly organizes similarities and differences between subjects. While the clear and effective organization of all points will enable you to make good arguments.

  3. 3. Whet in the claim/argument/argumentation

    A fine quality essay is the one that does not simply list comparing and contrasting points. But the point where it is good argumentation. It means that a good compare and contrast is based on a strong argument(s). That helps the writer to make a strong thesis about the main essay topic.

    Hence, look at your lists of similarities and differences and pick up significant points. After that, match them with your main argument. As well as use them (picked points) to support your argument. And this would be your main argument.

  4. 4. Decide on essay structure

    An effective and easy to follow structure is a major component of every essay. An effective structure is a source that enables you to ensure a logical flow of facts and information you give in your essay.

    To ensure the efficient flow of your essay, writing step by step (point-to-point) is an effective tactic. For example, the first paragraph of the body section of the essay may state “while leaders might now always demonstrate sympathy for others’ problems but they tend to make efforts to solve their problem”. It is always better to describe similarities in the first paragraph and differences in the next.

  5. 5. Develop an outline

    Professional writers say “do not believe that you will ensure flow while writing the essay. Instead, develop an outline or structure for your essay before starting writing”. Hence, create an outline to ensure perfection. Creating an outline is important because it will enable you to cover every point in your essay. Otherwise, you may miss some points (even important) while writing your essay.

  6. 6. Fill in supporting examples and evidence

    Again, do not only list similarities and differences when writing a compare and contrast essay? But make arguments and back them up with examples and evidence. Make sure evidence and examples are relevant and realistic are taken from your research, experiences, and readings, etc.

    You can also add relevant quotes and statements to strengthen your argument; hence the entire essay.

    Additionally, any information or facts you add to your essay and argumentation, describe its significance in relation to the main argument(s).

    Learn by Heart; never use complex words and phrases. Instead, craft your essay with simple, strong, and easy to understand words and phrases. But do not forget to proofread and revise once you are done with writing the first draft. Or you can ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

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