Confused over how to start your essay? Here are 10 examples and strategies you can use

What is the first step to persuading the readers about an idea based on credible evidence?

Students must know that the topic of any essay does not exist in a vacuum and it must have some background information or a context to attract the readers. For this purpose, this article will present 10 strategies that can be used while starting an essay. Through these strategies, the readers will know what the essay is about because the writer will have established the context by then and the frame with which the writer will approach the essay, will also be developed. Through these strategies, the readers can also know about the central issue of the essay. What problem or question is the writer thinking about and how does the writer connect the thesis statement with a specific subject matter that is under the domain of an effective introduction.

An effective introduction has a lot of functions. It motivates, informs, and tends to enlighten the readers about a particular subject matter with its various forms. Students are always wondering how to start a college essay because they want to leave a lasting impression on their readers irrespective of the topic of the essay. It is important to write the introduction of an essay. In other words, this is also known as the opening section of an essay.

Strategy # 1 Provide the readers with the description of an incidence

This is the easiest way to start an essay. Through the description of any incident, readers can get the essence of a memorable experience or are particularly enlightened about a particular form of expository writing. This approach can also be extremely helpful in narrative essays.

Strategy # 2 Pose a rhetorical question in front of the readers

Raising a rhetorical question at the start of the essay can invite the readers efficiently. These questions can be found in all sorts of essays irrespective of the topic. A good essay can answer the question through its various arguments.

Strategy # 3 Compare and contrast the past and present situation of the subject matter

This approach will present the readers with two scenarios. One would be dealing with the historical facts of the matter and the other will illuminate the readers about the contemporary situation.

Strategy # 4 State an interesting fact, quote, or a statistic which will astonish the readers

Incorporation of outside facts from reliable sources can also add a certain character to the essay and readers can establish a connection with the topic of the essay readily. For instance, if the essay is about the effects of racism or stereotyping in the colonial states. Then quotes from Nelson Mandela or all those historical figures who played an instrumental role in the fight against racism can add a huge influence to the essay. Readers are automatically drawn towards powerful quotations. Similarly, if the essay is about mental health problems in America, then a statistic about the number of people who are diagnosed with mental disorders on a daily basis. It can also be useful to announce the intensity of this matter to the readers.

Strategy # 5 Use ‘delay’ as a narrative strategy to get to the actual statement

If students want to pique the interest of their readers without frustrating them, then this is the best strategy. It can also allow the reader to put off the actual topic of the essay if it seems to be highly controversial or draws a line between the ideas and beliefs of different groups of the readers.

Strategy # 6 Give the description of a process that will ease into the introduction to the subject matter

In the case of informative essays, the description of something particular can also delineate the necessary details about the topic. However, an essay writer must realize that this is not a simple walk into the park and important accounts about the topic must be based on qualitative reasoning.

Strategy # 7 Start with a personal story, an anecdote or a really interesting or catchy hook which can engage the readers within the fraction of a second

This strategy can be used in personal application essays, humorous essays, compare and contrast essays, and analytical essays. A personal story should be along the lines of universalism so that different people from the group of readers can be able to relate to it.

Strategy # 8 Orient the readers by locating their specific demographics in your discussion

This can be done by supplying the necessary information to the readers. Following questions about the topic can be answered in the introductory section; Who?, What?, Why?, Where?, How?

Strategy # 9 Students can also start with a funnel opening and this approach can also vary differently

Starting with something broad and classifying the details to the narrow horizons of the topic can also be an effective strategy. At the same time, unnecessary generalized details about the topic may be off-putting to the readers.

Strategy # 10 Offer a contrast to readers which distinguishes between the fictitious image and reality

If the essay is highlighting any social issue or cultural problem and the writer wants to address the problem by giving some solutions through various arguments then this strategy can be used in the introduction. If the essay highlights the issue of mass incarceration, then the writer can fabricate a place where this thing has been eradicated and convicts are being pushed to therapy and rehabilitation instead of being locked up in jails.

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