44 Controversial Debate Topics for Students

If you are a student, you must be habitual of listening to the term debate because debating is common in schools and colleges. Debates are useful when you have a grip on your topic. To be fully involved in a topic, it is crucial to spend time searching for the topic of interest.

Refrain from going for boring and uninteresting topics. They will only waste your time and energy. If you desire to engage your audience with your topic, find controversial debate topics because they contain arguments both in favor and against. You can demonstrate great abilities if you have lots of arguments to make. Listed below are some interesting, controversial topics to help you pick the topic of your choice.

Education-related debate topics

The issues and challenges that the education system faces can be utilized as great debate topics. Being a student, you might have written essays on education. Take out those essays and see if you have witnessed any problems. Work on that issue and convert it into a debate. If you don’t know how to alter the essay, take help from a professional essay writer. The online writer can assist you in composing a perfect debate. If you don’t have any topic related to education, take a look at the given list.

  1. Is a college degree necessary to get a job?
  2. Why do university students have mental problems?
  3. Why do schools need security?
  4. Should tests in schools be eliminated?
  5. Are arts and music equally important as science?
  6. Why is homeschooling more effective than traditional schooling?
  7. Should students be allowed to take drugs in schools?
  8. Why should studying a second language be abolished?
  9. Is LGBT-related education important in schools?
  10. Why should teachers be paid more than doctors?
  11. Why should the students be restricted from using phones?
  12. Why should university students be given cash prices?
  13. Is it right that I ban fast food?
  14. Is drug testing unethical in schools?
  15. Is sex education compulsory at the college level?

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Technology related debate topics

I believe technology-related topics are best to have lengthy debates because technology is increasing day by day. You can never get short of arguments if you are debating on technology. If you know how to start an essay based on a technology-related topic, you will probably do great in the debate. Similar to the essay, start your debate with the most controversial issue or challenge.

  1. Should robots be given rights that humans have?
  2. Are all cars going to be electric in the future?
  3. How has social media ruined people’s relationships?
  4. How is technology ruling our lives?
  5. Why should people stop spending money on mobile apps?
  6. Is the internet forging the users’ data?
  7. Is technology helpful in enhancing learning?
  8. Should parents limit their children's internet usage time?
  9. Why is cybersecurity important?
  10. Is providing personal information on social media sites threatening?
  11. Is technology making people dumber or smarter?
  12. Is surveillance capitalism dangerous?
  13. Does technology lead to more crimes?
  14. Should law limit technological advancements?
  15. Is the technology responsible for mental health issues?

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Other controversial debate topics

  1. Is it compulsory to take standardized tests from teachers?
  2. Influence of the internet on college students.
  3. Side effects of alcohol on students.
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of automatic automobiles
  5. Are robots replacing humans in workplaces?
  6. The threat to water species due to plastic consumption
  7. Social media and the increase in cyberbullying
  8. Why does modern education need modification?
  9. Internet and its effects on adults
  10. How religion shapes moral values?
  11. Why is free education required to achieve the American dream?
  12. Medicines should be provided free of cost.
  13. How TV series helps to educate students
  14. Why should athletes be banned from taking steroids?

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