Cool Hook Examples for the Most Common College Essay Topics

A college essay can turn out to be just the hardest part of a student's academic journey. This is because there is a lot of information and guidance available on this type of academic writing and generally this is open-ended. One crucial way to understand the secret of success is to look for the essays of those students who are graded well. Those are the essays that actually worked and they must be among the most successful of this academic writing genre.

This article will go through general guidelines for cool hook examples in college essays.

What is a hook?

The 2-3 opening sentences of any college essay are known as the essay hook. These sentences capture the attention of readers and can help them decide whether they want to spend the next precious minutes of their life reading the essay or not. Students can find a hook example on the web which can help to capture the attention of readers within seconds.

Here are some cool hook examples which can be used as opening lines for college essays.

An essay opening is called a hook because it reminds people of shiny and catchy bait which is used by fishermen when they are trying to catch a fish. The rule of thumb is that it all depends on the fish which fisherman wants to catch because then they will use different hooks.

Students make a common mistake frequently when they confuse an introduction with hooks. A hook generally opens the introduction; it is not a replacement for it. After presenting the readers with a catchy hook students must ensure to introduce the topic and thesis statement of their essay. Apart from college essays, screenwriters, copywriters fiction writers, and bloggers all use this fundamental instrument to gain the interest of their readers and to influence their decisions. The generation of essay hooks can be difficult at times and one important factor in this is the thesis clarification. However, if the following questions are answered by a student in a logical manner then they can easily write an eye-catching hook for the college essay.

  • What writing style is used in the essay?
  • What tone will I be going to use in the essay?
  • What is the type of college essay? Is it expository writing? Does it fall under the categories of informative essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, or is it a simple compare and contrast essay?
  • Who is the targeted audience for the essay?
  1. 1. Quotes from famous people:

    This is a hook that can support the argument very efficiently. But students have to make sure that the quote is relevant to the topic of the essay and the thesis statement. If the quote is relevant, then it can be created as a lip-smacking hook for the essay. Teachers and instructors also considered this type of hook as overused and general. This can also pave the way for plagiarism and many instructors discourage those college essays which either start or finish with quotes from influencers. Therefore, students must choose the court with great care and must not copy-paste from websites.

  2. 2. Anecdotes:

    These are little stories that are designed to give an explanation of the point which an essay is trying to make. Anecdotes can be used as appropriate hooks when the essays are descriptive or narrative. These little stories can be numerous and students must not be afraid of writing funny opening sections. A little bit of humor can greatly assist in grabbing the attention of readers and they can easily become curious about the topic. The anecdote should be short and must be related to the main idea of the essay.

  3. 3. Statistics:

    Statistics can easily hook the readers because they give real information about a topic. Readers can be impressed by the knowledge and evidence given by the essay writer right from the beginning of the essay. There is a need to ensure that the facts are accurate, reliable, and interesting. The information should come from a credible source. Common misconceptions can also be disproved by using a statistic. After a statistic, the rest of the argument can be built upon this fact which will blow the minds of readers and lead them to learn more about the topic.

  4. 4. Questions:

    Opening up your college essay with the thought-provoking question can create a personal interest of the reader. Students must ensure that the question is not too general and they should not expect simple answers. An interesting question related to the essay and this hook can be considered as cool because people are generally inquisitive. When people hear or read a question they simply want to know the answer. Starting the essay with an interesting question who can signal the readers and they will keep reading until they get their answer.

  5. 5. Personal stories:

    Readers love short stories because a well-written story can be memorable in staying with them for a long time. The main factor behind a great story's hope is to make sure that it is directly related to the topic of the college essay. The story can be personal or it can be someone else's story. But the length of the hook should be compared to the length of the essay because the hook should not be a large part of the essay. The demographics of the readers should also be carefully analyzed while writing an interesting story hook.

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