Creating Quality hooks for Reflective Essays - Guide

Got a reflective essay to write? Some students may think that online essay writing is as easy as ABC. But in reality, you have to put your thoughts in best-suited words while following all the rules of the grammar and sentence structure. At first, I always looked for a friend who could write my essay, as it helps me to pay attention to other important academic activities. One of the main elements of a good reflective essay is an attention-grabbing hook. If you are not familiar with a hook for an essay then it is the initial sentence of the first paragraph which develops the interest of the reader. If the hook is not effective, the reader might not even bother going to the next paragraph.

Now as important as a hook is, it is not easy to compose a good hook readily. It might take you a while and consideration to choose the hook and then put it into appropriate and attractive words. Here is an exemplary guide to starting a reflective essay for you to begin with. It has all the major points outlined and explained with ease so that you can understand even if you are a beginner. Read, understand, and then try to follow the steps which will help you compose an effective hook.


For a reflective essay, there are a few types of hooks that you can use. Here is the description of them along with some guidance on how you can use them. It will make it easier for you to choose and compose the hook you want.

  1. Quotation Hook

    Using a quotation makes an exceptional hook. You can use a quote that is common as well as engaging for the readers.

    Tip: Using a cliche at the beginning of your essay does not impart a good impression. Make sure to avoid any cliches or quotations which have been overused. You can use the quotations from a book, saying of a philosopher, or even a movie. Whatever quote you choose must be engaging even if not famous.

  2. 2. Fact hook

    There are certain topics that carry fascinating information. You can use this information to compose a hook. Many readers will get excited by a fact which they did not know before, this is especially helpful if your reflective essay is informational.

    Tip: For instance, if you are writing essays on your pet which is a parrot, then you state by telling your audience about the impressive quality of the parrot. You can also make good use of the statistics in this regard. Not only the information will impress your reader about your knowledge but also build a fascinating hook.

  3. 3. Question hook

    Another interesting way to compose a good hook is by stating a question that gets the readers thinking. When the readers start to think the answer to the question, they are likely to find more than one answer. Or even no answer at all. With this intrigue in the mind of the readers, they will want to read the whole essay so that they get their answers. At the end of the essay, various readers may have different answers to that question depending upon their own understanding. This makes your essay even more interesting.

    Tip: If you want to pick this type of hook for your essay then first look for an interesting element that may be of an arguable nature. Make sure that your question is relevant to the essay. If it is not relevant the reader might lose interest halfway through the essay. You can also use your thesis statement to build the question hook.

How to create a hook?

  1. 1. Choose the most exciting aspect

    First of all, choose one of the most exciting elements of your essay to build a hook. You do not have to include all the details regarding the hook, rather two or three sentences which will build suspense or excitement in the mind of the reader.

  2. 2. Make it interesting

    The most important task is to make it interesting and intriguing. Flat sentences will only add to the words count and have no impact on the reader. Make sure your word choice is perfect when building the hook.

  3. 3. Keep it short and simple

    Remember to compose a brief hook for the essay. If your hook is composed of four or more sentences, there is a chance that your readers will lose interest. In addition to this, there is no need to put very fancy words into your hook. even a hook with simple words and great content works well. A hook with less word intriguing elements and suitable words is all you need.

Remember that when you are required to tell your audience about your experiences and their impact. To narrate the whole experience you are required to give the reader a reason to read it. Not because you have experienced something, another person will be as interested as you are. For this reason, you have to develop the interest of the reader. The first step in developing that interest is offering a good hook that excites the reader as much as you.

Lastly, make sure to revise your document so that you do not leave any mistakes behind. Many students input great content along with some amazing ideas but forget to proofread their content. Pay close attention to your sentence structure as it can even alter the meaning of the content. You can also take help from a write my paper service provider, who would be more than happy to help you out. But if you prefer to do it on your own then you must use good software to correct your grammatical, punctuation, and structural mistakes. If you can’t do that then you can also ask a friend to read it for you. Reading it aloud also helps to point out many of the mistakes. Do not let these silly mistakes consume your good grade!

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