Creating variety in your sentence structure to keep the reader engaged

What is sentence structure?

The physical nature of any sentence is known as the sentence structure. This alludes to the positioning of all the elements that go into a sentence. Linguistics has been stressing the importance of word choice to bring diversity within a text. If repetitive vocabulary is used in any piece of writing, the text can seem to appear monotonous and redundant. Similar is the case of sentences. Anyone who wants to make a lasting impression with their writing should strive to create variety in the sentences that are being used in the paper.

To keep the readers interested, there is a need to develop rhythmic prose. For this purpose, variety is essential in sentence structures. Often, length, subjects, and types are repeated in different types of sentences which then require immediate revision and fail to achieve the intended objective.

Here are some basic elements of a sentence. The repositioning of these elements can result in a varying sentence structure or you can ask others to write essay for me.

  1. Independent clause: This can stand alone as a separate sentence.
  2. Dependent clause: Not a complete sentence, and is also known as the subordinate clause.
  3. Verb
  4. Subject
  5. Prepositional phrase
  6. Object

How are sentences classified with respect to various sentence structures or components?

Sentences can be classified into various categories on the basis of rearranging the above-mentioned components.

  • Simple sentences: There is only one independent clause in these sentences. There may be one or more objects or modifiers, but in most cases, this only reflects a single idea.


    • He wrote.
    • She danced.
    • The sources were organized by Robert in a chronological manner.
  • Compound sentences: At least, two independent clauses are present in these sentences. This means that the level of complexity will be a bit increased and more than one idea can be generated through these sentences. Two independent clauses can stand on their own as separate sentences and express isolated thoughts.


    • I am too sick to drive the car, yet I really need to go to the meeting today.
    • I have been counting my calories since last week, yet I really want to eat a strawberry truffle cake that has been baked by my sister.
    • I will lease the tiny blue apartment, but I really want the red flat.
  • Complex sentences: At least one dependent clause and one independent clause are present in these sentences.


    • Alyssa returned the bicycle after she noticed that it was damaged from many parts.
    • She became a manager in no time because she was bright and had excellent communication skills.
    • People make allowances for the idiosyncrasies of all those people who have become rich and socially conscious.
  • Compound-complex sentences: Two independent clauses are present.


    • Although Michelle loves to watch science fiction movies, last week she rented three romantic comedies with her friend and enjoyed watching those very much.
    • When my neighbor’s dog started to bark at my cat, she ran and because I failed to keep up with my cat, I stopped.
    • In this country, we are predominantly operating under a jury system, and as much as people rant about it, they should know that there is no better possible option available for people.

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How can a variety be achieved in an essay by using different sentence structures?

The biggest secret to creating a captivating piece of writing is variation. If the text is not engaging or interesting, then the readers would not be convinced even if you have provided them with the most solid argument. Variation can be considered a tool that students and writers must use to grab the attention of their readers. Within the sentence structure, the following things can also be diversified:

  • Length of the sentence
  • Type of the sentence
  • Transition words
  • Tone
  • Vocabulary
  • Types of evidence

There are no hard and fast rules as to when a particular sentence structure can be used within an essay and it is all up to the choice of the essay writer. However, certain conventions can be considered while trying to achieve variation within the academic piece of writing. Supposedly, if you are writing an introduction, the length of sentences can be kept shorter. In the body paragraphs, the length can be increased depending on the complexity of the subject matter. Using the same sentence length throughout the paper can bring monotony and the chance that something will stand out in any essay or academic piece of writing will considerably reduce.

Apart from the types of sentences that have been mentioned above, there are also other types that have to do with the tone of sentences. These are as follows:

  • -descriptive/declarative
  • -imperative
  • -interrogative
  • -exclamatory

Students can add variety in their academic pieces of writing by using various types of sentences from the above-mentioned list as well.

Additionally, interrogative sentences can also be used to catch the attention of the readers. The readers can be implicated as direct participants as their stance is asked regarding the subject matter. Another easy way to bring variation is through clauses. Clauses can be really helpful to connect related ideas and are helpful in providing additional detail which also varies the pattern of the language of the paper.

Attention should be paid to the start of each sentence. If every sentence is started with the same word or phrase, there is a maximum likelihood that the readers will lose interest. Students must find new ways to start each sentence. This way, the readers can be engaged with the flow of the paper and look forward to the rest of the paper.

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