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The time in college is very creative for every student, you get a chance, an opportunity to learn something new every day and reform your lives. In simple terms, it is 'the most' important time of your life. Your life in college determines your present, your future, and the growth of your professional career. You can acquire any position, status, and position if you use your time creatively. There are many ways you can do that, the one way is to improve your writing skills. Yes, it is true, good writing skills would mean a professional essay writer.

You can use your writing skills in so many ways, like writing academic or scholarly articles. In short, you would get full command and mastery over the English Language. Remember that there are some simple rules that you can follow and apply to become a good writer. From many rules, a hook is one of them that is important to follow if you want to write a good essay. Whether it is a research paper, dissertation, or an essay it would always help you to write exceptionally.

Yes, yes, writing a good essay can indeed be overwhelming and sometimes it can become exhausting too. The situation can become complex if you have to complete an essay in a short deadline. Do not get confused and look for other ideas like college essay help from your colleagues or by any other means. Remember that your end job is to write and submit an essay; it doesn't even matter who helped or guided you. The only thing that matters is an extraordinary essay with a good and effective hook.

It is only a matter of time when you would become a good writer by only using a good, effective, and relevant hook. Usually, the first two to three sentences of your paper are known as a hook that serves a purpose to capture the reader's attention. It tells the reader what your essay is about, in simple words your hook opens up your essay to the reader. Once you have included a hook it would be a lot easier for you to write an introduction and thesis statement. Academics suggest that you should write your hook at the end when you are done with your essay. It would help you to craft an electrifying essay hook for your essay.

Ideas to Craft Electrifying Essay Hooks

I am writing down some ideas to build your unique hook by using these lines. You can also get inspiration or have a basic idea about how a hook looks like. After that, you can draft your own altogether.

  • The proper method to save money is to make investments….
  • Finding out the best possible way to invest in…..
  • There are five basic ways to learn writing a good history paper….
  • How would I know what is best for me…..
  • Every new book tells a unique story about the author......
  • The author seems adamant about the authenticity of his ideas…..

Now you can observe that getting an idea for your hook is not that difficult; you just need to concentrate on your topic. You can get any idea just make sure it covers or links with your essay topic. If it is not linked directly you can make it relevant by using a transitional phrase.

Types of hooks

You can only write a good hook if you know its various types and how to use each. I will only cover the important types which students often use while writing an essay. Make sure not to get confused between different ideas and try to stick with your topic. You should have a thorough understanding of your topic only then you can write a good hook.

If you are confused then do not hesitate to get help from an academic essay writing service for your essay. Hiring such a service would mean getting an exceptional essay. After that, you can learn from a professional writer who has linked the hook with the rest of the essay. You, yourself can become a very good writer if you get such help a number of times.


It means to start your essay with a pun or joke relevant to your topic. Remember that most people do not get humor easily so it should be understandable for the reader.

  • For example: how do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.


You can also ask a rhetorical question that suits your topic, just make sure it should reflect your topic. Your question type may vary depending upon academic discipline and your topic. The start of your question would intrigue the reader and he would be curious about what is coming next.

  • For example: What would love to look like in human form?


It means creating resemblances with an actual event by creating fiction.

  • For example: For me, it turned out, his promise was just like a delicate flower.


It means to start from a catchy story to break the ice. You can also include your personal experience if it is relevant.

Strong statement

It means to include something new or astonishing which your reader does not know. Just make sure to stick with facts and do not write a conspiracy theory.

  • For example: In ten years humanity would be able to live on Mars.


It is used in scientific essays and research papers. It means to start your essay with a simple definition. If you are writing about quantum mechanics then introduce the subject in a few interesting lines.

  • For example The black holes in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy servers as wormholes to other galaxies.

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