77 Creative Topics for Critical Essays - 2020

We all have been through that moment. A moment when we are assigned with an essay writing task and we just stare at the blank screen of our laptops for hours struggling to come up with ideas to kick start the writing process. Especially when an essay writer is assigned to write an essay on the topic of choice then it becomes hard to even come up with a topic to start the writing process.

Although, it sounds good to pick a topic yourself but to be honest finding a perfect topic is like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar. However, once you can determine the essay type and your area of interest then believe me finding a topic will be much easier.

If you got the task to write a critical essay on the topic of your choice, then before you look for critical essay topics online you need to understand what a critical essay is. A critical essay is a type of essay in which you are required to analyze a piece of text and then interpret and evaluate it. You need to make a proper claim about a certain theme or a specific idea that you believe is significant to you and support that idea or a theme with evidence from either primary or secondary sources.

By now you must be familiar with what a critical essay is so if you are planning to search for the topic ideas, then lucky for you I have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of topics from which you can pick the one that interests you the most or you can ask others to write my paper.

  1. Impact of using social media in our lives
  2. Drugs addiction: a choice or a disease
  3. Behavioral therapies to treat criminals
  4. Homelessness and its association with poverty
  5. Adverse effects of violent video games on children
  6. Adverse effects of violent video games on adults
  7. Child abuse: causes and consequences
  8. Bullying in schools: causes and consequences
  9. Studying the behavior of a bully
  10. Childhood obesities
  11. Obesity and overweight
  12. Impact of robotic technology on elevating unemployment rates
  13. Capitalism vs socialism
  14. Is capitalism a threat to the country’s economy
  15. Growing on a farm and in the city
  16. How the notion of gender roles has reshaped over the years?
  17. Impact of censorship on the music industry
  18. How can a government advance a welfare system?
  19. Islamophobia.
  20. Xenophobia.
  21. Impact of colonization America
  22. Impact of the Vietnam war on American
  23. Impact of the world war on the world
  24. Impact of economic recession on the world’s economy
  25. Juvenile delinquency
  26. Education in prison
  27. Are violent crimes connected with genetics?
  28. The lost city of Atlantis.
  29. The pyramids of Egypt
  30. Impact of the internet on the students

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  1. Integration of technology in academics
  2. Integration of technology in business
  3. How to foster small-scale businesses?
  4. Analyze the play “The Elephant man”
  5. Analyze the play Hamlet
  6. Analyze the idea of self-obsession in the play “The elephant man”
  7. Renewable energy resources
  8. Pollution: causes and consequences
  9. Water pollution and its negative impact on marine life
  10. Depiction of violence in the movies
  11. Women objectification in advertisements
  12. Women objectification in movies
  13. Doping tests for athletes in the Olympics.
  14. Sports betting
  15. How to manage inflation?
  16. Body shaming in the film industry
  17. Body shaming in society
  18. Body shaming and its impact on teens mental health
  19. Single parent vs. multi-parent families.
  20. How movies impact culture?
  21. Slavery in medieval times
  22. Impact of cyberbullying on teens mental health
  23. Globalization and its impact on the economy
  24. Globalization and its impact on underdeveloped countries
  25. Critically analyze a movie of your choice
  26. How to combat drug abuse among teenagers?
  27. Privacy Vs national security
  28. Is national security more important than privacy?
  29. Imperativeness of diversity in an organizational culture
  30. How to teach cultural competence to children?
  31. Ethical concerns associated with animal testing
  32. Animal hunting
  33. Abortion should be legalized
  34. How Instagram is fostering non-realistic body images?
  35. How Instagram is fostering non-healthy alternatives to reduce weight?
  36. Importance of diversity in schools and colleges
  37. Role of artificial intelligence in society
  38. Role of artificial intelligence in the health care sector
  39. How is technology influencing consumer behavior?
  40. Discuss the legal rights of the LGBT community.
  41. How to promote women’s empowerment?
  42. What are the different methods to discipline children?
  43. Parenting styles and their impact on children’s wellbeing
  44. Adoption of children by gay couples
  45. Malnutrition
  46. Anorexia: causes and remedies
  47. Euthanasia: a religious perspective

I know that even skimming through the list of topics seems a daunting task but believe me, once you have decided your areas of priority, then looking for a topic won’t be challenging. Moreover, pick a topic that interests you the most. Don’t go for a topic that is difficult to comprehend just to impress teachers because soon you’ll be losing interest in the topic and then you won’t be able to write an incredible essay.

Remember! Your professor is interested in reading a well-researched essay therefore picking a topic that you have sufficient background information so that you can easily find primary and secondary sources to back up your claims.

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