Critical Essay Writing Guidelines for Students

A critical essay is a type of essay that is written to come up with critical insight into facts or an idea. As the word indicates critical means to think and write about something that is not usually known. When students are asked to write a critical essay, it means a student has to come up with something that was either too critical to indicate what is unsaid or express something that is not known. In some of the cases, critical writings are meant to come up with a response to a genital argument so that students can create an exegetical response to the idea that is presented.

I always found writing a critical essay a difficult one because I don’t know how people can generate arguments by themselves. I am only good at rewriting and it is the same things that I did in my essay and I lost marks. Once I had to write a critical essay on Aristotle's view of life and it was more like a serious examination so I asked one of my friends if she can ‘write my essay for me’. She has to work on her assignment as well so she rejected it. Instead, she gave me a guide in which I found some significant guidelines that can help to write a critical essay.

I am sharing some significant and quick guidelines that can help you write a critical essay.

  1. 1. Build your opinion
  2. When you are writing a critical essay, it is obvious that you need to write your point of view and ideologies. An essay can be critical only if you will come up with something that is either ignored, unknown, or something that can be an intended meaning. So, before writing an essay make sure that you are clear about the points that you think you should say.

  3. 2. Choose the best sources
  4. None of the points will be adequate until it is a reaction or a conclusion to something that you have read. A lot of critical essays are writing after reading multiple resources and doing a subtle comparison of literary resources. So, it is better to use credible sources. Only those sources are credible that are scholarly or the ones that are peer-reviewed. If you fail to choose credible sources then you will be able to write a credible piece of literature.

  5. 3. Make an outline
  6. Before writing an essay, it is preferred to make an outline. It is one of the important tasks to do because crafting an outline. It makes you clear about the objectives of your writing. It is also highlighted that many institutions prefer to have an outline before an essay so that it is assured that all the elements of good writing are fulfilled. Once you are done with writing the outline, make sure that you have highlighted the thesis statement because the aim of writing an outline is to come up with a thesis statement that can convey your long term and short term objectives of the essay

  7. 4. Think about the defense
  8. A critical essay is all about the ways in which an essay is written. It is highlighted that you should come up with an appropriate defense as well. A critical essay resembles an argumentative essay in the terms that both of them require an argument and then a defense of the argument that is brought on board in the essay. Your defense should be extracted from a scholarly source so that the opposition is also authentic in its nature.

  9. 5. Quote evidence
  10. As stated above, if you are consulting any of the credible sources, then you should quote appropriate evidence. This evidence should be logical enough to support the main idea. It is important to note that the ideas should be embedded in the main body of the essay. For this, you should first create the background of the evidence and then it should be quoted so that it can appear as the part of the main body of the essay.

  11. 6. Give solid examples
  12. The critical essay is incomplete without accurate examples. An essay writer can quote a number of examples such as, quotations, theories, and other scholarly approaches that are defined by well-earned people.

  13. 7. Cite your sources
  14. As your essay will be constructed on the basis of knowledge or information that you will retrieve from other resources, so you should cite all the sources. All the external material should be properly cited so that there are rare chances of plagiarism and more are the options of ensuring credibility in the essay. While citing and referencing make sure that your essay follows the standards or set format that is meant to be applied. Any negligence will not only lead to the deduction of marks but it can also be considered as the violation of the policies.

  15. 8. Revise
  16. Revision is one of the major elements of every academic take, no matter it is written or oral. Once you are done with the writing version of the essay, make sure that you have enough time to revise the essay. It requires you to come up with a credible approach towards writing because such literary pace of writing with errors will obviously hamper the crux and fluency of the text. It will be better if you will ask someone else or a good friend to read your college essay because the third person is able to define more mistakes as compared to the first person.

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