Deliver an entertaining and memorable speech using these topic ideas and examples

What are the great problems pervading the scholarly world? It is the lack of humor. I am not saying that no scholar or student has good humor. What I am trying to say is that one always has to be formal in his speech as well as writing throughout one's academic life. For this many students fear that if they added some humor to their writing or speech, they might end up being informal. The fear of giving an informal vibe keeps many students to suppress their sense of humor. Therefore, they end up giving a plain and boring speech that no one wants to listen to. However, there are occasions where students can give a memorable and entertaining speech that makes the audience laugh until their stomach hurts.

Do you want to give an entertaining speech that is hard to forget? Of course, it is the dream of every college student to be remembered by their peers. Everyone wants others to laugh so hard that they lose their breath when they tell something funny. Everyone wants the full attention of others when they are saying something. Okay. If an essay writer wants to deliver an entertaining speech for which you should be remembered for years, you need to stop worrying about being informal. You can always find a way to convey your message interestingly and entertainingly while maintaining a formal tone.

To give an entertaining speech, you have to come up with an interesting topic that everyone wants to hear about. Choosing a funny topic is the first step to make a memorable speech that makes the audience give a standing ovation with the loudest laughter. If you are facing any trouble with coming up with such an interesting topic, you should look at the following entertaining speech topics that everyone would love to hear about or you can ask others to write my essay.

  • Colleges are not important to have a successful career
  • Most rich men are college dropouts
  • Why you need to drop out form your college
  • They say power corrupts but they also say that knowledge is power
  • Can you imagine your life without the internet
  • If I was a monkey
  • We all are animals
  • What if there was no gravity
  • Are there any aliens out in the universe?
  • What if we could see bacteria and viruses?
  • How to make your parents proud?
  • When is it okay to lie?
  • Making your own rules
  • Rules are meant to be broken but then there are punishments to be faced
  • Learning life lessons the hard way
  • How to convince your parents to buy you a vehicle?
  • Making easy money
  • Is college really worth it?
  • College is a debt trap
  • Never say never but also do not say yes to everything

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  • Dealing with your problems by procrastination
  • Never confront an officer with a uniform
  • How to ace your final exam without studying?
  • I hate studying
  • Who put “dying” in studying?
  • If money grew on trees
  • How to win friends?
  • Things I wish I knew during my high school
  • Balancing extracurricular activities with academic ones
  • Is Santa Claus real
  • How to run away from a street fight?
  • How to prepare yourself for college?
  • Boys or girls: who gossip more
  • There should be a breakup insurance policy
  • Why should girls be allowed to play alongside boys in high school football?
  • Why should they pay college athletes for playing?
  • Making money while doing what you love
  • They should offer an academic scholarship to all students
  • What if you were on the sinking Titanic?
  • Why do men look funny while wearing skinny jeans?
  • Vegetarians should know that plants are also living beings
  • Telling lie to get you out of trouble by throw you into a bigger or multiple troubles
  • Blaming my pet dog for breaking things in the house
  • I wish I could stay young forever
  • We ask God for stupid things
  • As a kid, all I ever wanted was to grow up and now I wish I was a kid
  • No one says no to chocolate
  • Why are exams not fair?
  • Realizing you are while making the argument
  • My sixth sense saves me from a lot of troubles
  • Getting a call from the principal office
  • Fighting my bully
  • Being a pro at making bad decisions
  • When life throws a lemon at you, throw it back without wasting any time in making a lemonade
  • All that glitters is not gold
  • Remembering things to do after getting in bed
  • Living in quarantine
  • It is wise to not add your parents on your social media
  • How autocorrect ruined my life
  • Global warming is making me hot

You should shortlist any of the above topics that interest you. You should choose a topic according to the nature of the occasion on which you are supposed to deliver your speech. If you are supposed to give a speech on serious topics, you can still add some humor and fun facts to keep it entertaining. For example, if you were to deliver a speech on climate change and global warming, you could do so as follow:

Excessive burning of fossil fuels is resulting in the primary reason for incessant global warming, which is a major cause of increasing sea level. However, there is a piece of good news, whole cities are being converted into natural pools. Now there would be no shortage of water (seawater).

Here is another example of an entertaining speech on why you need to drop out of your college:

Google the list of the wealthiest men on the earth. Now, look at the qualifications of the top ten richest men. What do you see? You will see that six of them have never been to college or they were dropped out if they tried to get a degree. You know what this means. It means that you need to drop out of your college if you want to be rich.

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