An Amazing Descriptive Essay Outline on 'A Memorable Concert'

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is an essay that describes an event, a person, an emotion, a place, a thing, experience, and a situation. A descriptive essay is a genre of essay which provides artistic freedom and allows an artist to express his or her feelings by showcasing talent. A descriptive essay uses figurative language and concrete descriptions about a matter. A descriptive essay must be precisely written and detailed enough to be able to provide an actual and interesting image of a topic. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me .

Descriptive Essay Topic

For a descriptive essay, a clear topic is more effective than a vague topic. It helps to provide clear and concise information about a subject matter. The use of sensory descriptions is helpful in the explanation of a concrete topic; it uses senses to present the idea. Sense of hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste are used in the description of an idea. It also helps the reader in understanding and enjoying the topic and build a connection with the phenomenon.

Descriptive Essay Outline

A descriptive essay outline is all about creating a clear image of something. Figurative language is key to that. A vivid image can be created by using metaphors and similes in descriptive essays. Always choose a perfectly descriptive word rather than choosing vague and unclear words. Word-choice in the descriptive essay mirrors the skill and talent of the essay writer. Brainstorming about a topic beforehand makes it easy to originate a masterpiece.

Small details make a descriptive essay outline exciting to read and provide a new perspective to a rather dull subject. The presentation of a logical and organized description of the topic is crucial in the descriptive essay. Avoid being incoherent and saunter while writing a descriptive essay, it makes it extra lengthy and dull. A descriptive essay should be interesting, exciting, lively, and perky. It should grasp the attention of the reader by the portrayal of small details in the most skilled way to make it an interesting and attractive piece of writing for them.

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A Memorable Concert

As I entered the magnificent hall, a bolt of energy and spark hit me with its full might. Hall was packed with a lot of people. The crowd was extremely loud and jovial. My friend, who practically dragged me to come to this concert with him, was cheerful and enthusiastic about the concert. However, I was a little bit hesitant because I am not fond of crowded and packed places.

I avoid noisy places. But he insisted on going to this concert. We had already heard some songs from the singers who will be going to perform at the concert. We have been discussing the singers and songs from the past week, with some others of our friends too, and they also insisted on me joining them at the concert. So, I gave up on the resistance and agreed with my friends to come to this concert.

As I and my friend entered the auditorium, I was awestruck to see the crowd. Honestly, I wasn't expecting such a huge crowd. I suddenly felt nervous and perplexed. My friend also noticed my pale complexion and uncertainty, he ushered me inside the crowd and shouted in my ear to look for other of our friends. It seemed impossible to me, to find them in this flood of uproarious people. However, I was continuously looking for them in the hall.

People were cheering and swaying from left to right lifting their hands on their heads. I felt hot and uncomfortable because of the heat emanating from people who were squeezing us. Anyway, we somehow made our way to the front row in the audience, and finally spotted our friends. They were also jumping up and down, and swaying left to right with the crowd. I felt much relaxed after meeting with my friends.

The auditorium was beautifully decorated with vibrant and shimmery curtains, which were shining like glitter in the sun. They were looking like a rainbow. The lighting was incredibly colorful and bright. There were PAR lights, colorful strip lights, and scoop lights used on the stage, and a spotlight tracking performer on the stage. I also saw big concert speakers, cranking deafening blare in the auditorium. Everything was mesmerizing and alluring.

The singer was singing a catchy and difficult song, which was one of my favorite songs. There is no doubt that his vocals were natural, precise, and outstanding. I also started enjoying myself and started swaying. The energy of the crowd was colossal and continuous which I felt inside me too. Then the singer started singing my favorite song in a sonorous tone. That is when I felt a surge of adrenaline inside my body and I also started jumping along with the crowd, which felt amazing and blissful. I enjoyed listening to my favorite song live with a lot of people in tremendous surroundings.

After the song and brilliant response, the singer sang his end song and headed to leave the stage in the never-ending uproar from the audience. Which started shouting "once more!" in tumultuous clapping. And then suddenly the singer came back on stage and sang a few lines of his unreleased and unannounced song which got a terrific and remarkable response. I loved it too and I am looking forward to its release. All in all, it was a great experience to be a part of a splendid concert. My friends enjoyed it and it is a memorable event for my life.

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