Descriptive Essay Writing Tips and Tricks - Guidelines

One of the primary aspects of writing an excellent descriptive article is to develop a picture in the audience’s mind by engaging all the five senses of the human body - smell, taste, hear, see, and speak. If you are successfully done with this, then you are doing the right things else you need a lot of work to do.

Since every type of essay has its own rules and requirements; however, in this article, you will be provided with descriptive essay tips and tricks. With the help of this, you can grasp the idea of how to write an effective essay. To write in an error-free mode, it is a good idea to proofread your write-up before submitting it finally to the instructor.

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Tips and tricks to write an effective essay

  • Encourage the use of sensory imagery. Sensory imagery refers to the five senses of humans: touch, smell, taste, and sound. It also helps the writers to take a realistic picture of any particular environment. It must be detailed, precise, and engaging at the same time to create a high level of reader interest.
  • You need to add the dynamic verb. Dynamic verbs postulate any type of action, such as hearing, speaking, and so forth. Confused about writing an effective essay? Ask others to write my essay for me.
  • You will be using powerful adjectives to engage your reader more interestingly. Since it becomes so repetitive, you can then add modifiers to improve the use of adjectives. For example, ‘very good.’
  • You need to choose a topic that can be managed throughout your essay. You will be focusing on a single event, person, place, or thing to be your essay’s title. After deciding on your topic, you have to grab the reader’s attention by providing them with information that could clear their minds. If you are confused about choosing a good topic, consult a write my paper service now.
  • Your essay needs to be managed in an organized form. If you design your paper coherently, it will help the readers to understand your points on-time.
  • Since your introductory paragraph sets the ground for your overall essay, it needs to be descriptive yet attractive enough to keep your audience engaged. You will systematically explain the details. Also, you will be adding some context relating to the background of the particular topic to guide your audience about the emergence of your specific topic happening over time.
  • At the end of your introduction, you need to add a thesis statement as well. The thesis statement will be short, clear, and straightforward and also act as the reference point for each topic sentence. Finally, it will help you to make different topic sentences for your body paragraphs.
  • Your body paragraphs need to be arranged chronologically. It will be better to start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. It will make your articles stick to one independent idea at one time.
  • Similarly, you can apply transition words as well. Transition words would help make your paragraphs go cohesively. Your readers will know where a particular article is ending and starting. The use of transition words will make your essay more beautiful and help you complete your word count as well.
  • Every essay has its requirement of the word count, which usually your teacher instructs you at the time of assigning. You need to organize your entire essay concerning that limit.
  • You need to draw a detailed outline to make your thoughts more elaborative. An overview is the best framework to keep your brainstormed ideas into a more systematic form. The standards essays have three essential things in common - an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • You should re-write your essay as many times as you will be comfortable with your write-up. Many of the errors will be eliminated once you will review it on your own. After that, if you are still in doubt, you can ask any expert writer, friend, or relative who can proofread your essay and guide you with honest feedback.
  • You should restate your ideas in a conclusion in an impressive manner so that your audience could get an idea about the overall context of your essay. It will be a reminder of your entire article.
  • A few descriptive prompts are mentioned below to give you an idea about how the different titles will look;
    1. The first time I went abroad.
    2. The day I met my guardian angel.
    3. Mention the scariest moment in my life.
    4. How to keep calm?
    5. What is the worst memory in your mind?
  • After being done with everything, you need to review it. Check for any grammatical mistakes or any punctuation errors. You need to question yourself, ‘Is this essay following up the real purpose?’. If yes, then you must finish it up and review it again. Because the instructor will never accept a poorly written essay as it will need to be reworked continuously. It is better to consider it until you will be satisfied with what you have already written.

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