Simple Hacks to develop an effective Argumentative Essay Outline

If you are studying in high school or university, you must be familiar with the term “argumentative essay”. This is one of the most common types of essays which is very technical and thought-provoking. Since an argumentative essay can never be purposeless and if it is, it will not be labeled as argumentative. In argumentative essays, the writer has to take one side and back it with the help of supporting ideas.

While writing the argumentative essay, the students often lose track of the main idea and add irrelevant details. To avoid this from happening, it is important to develop an outline for your essay. Developing an outline and following it closely will help you a lot in creating an effective argumentative essay.

Mentioned below are some amazing and simple hacks that are essential to follow in order to make a perfect outline or you can ask others to write my paper.

Work on developing an engaging introduction part

Before going for the introduction part, keep in mind that the purpose of the essay is to persuade the readers. So, your introduction part should be perfectly balanced with intellectual and logical reasoning. For writing such an introduction, you can also take help from an online site that provides an essay writing service. The online sites have a professional writer who can help you with argumentative essays.

To make sure, you develop the topic effectively in the introduction, break the introduction section into three parts. Breaking the introduction part does not mean dividing the introduction into three paragraphs. An introduction section should be written in one whole paragraph. However, you can divide the information in your brain e.g., reserve the first three to four lines for the hook, the middle portion for background information, and the last few lines for the thesis statement.

Remember, these three sections are very crucial to develop an interesting introduction section. Hook leads the readers towards the argument, background information provides previous knowledge and the thesis statement reveals your claim in the essay.

Supporting Paragraphs

The next step that you should focus on while developing an outline is the body paragraph. In an argumentative essay, the body paragraphs will not be similar to that of an informational essay. Each paragraph of your essay should come up with a new idea that will work in favor of your claim e.g., if you are arguing that technology is useful, one of the supporting ideas should be telling how the internet has made life easy. Because it will work as evidence.

The most effective way for writing body paragraphs is to initiate each paragraph with a topic statement. If you have ever approached a professional essay writer to make you a custom essay, you must have noticed that they incorporate topic sentences to organize the essay. Because the topic sentence tells the reader about the main idea of the paragraph. Just provide your specifications and request them to write my essay in no time.

Look for counter arguments

If you are done with supporting your claim, search for opposing ideas. Providing the opposite view helps you to further authenticate your claim. By using the opposing ideas, evaluate how these ideas are wrong. Provide evidence to claim why you think the opposing ideas are not valid. But all of this does not need to do in one single paragraph.

Put forward the opposing claims one by one. After writing them down, provide your response to the opposing arguments in the second paragraph. In the same paragraph provide evidence for refuting the counter-argument. Now conclude the paragraph by restating the main idea.

Conclude the essay

Conclude all the arguments precisely and concisely in the last paragraph. Provide a logical conclusion by stating the thesis idea and summarizing the supporting idea. Within one or two lines summarize the opposing arguments and the reason for rejecting them. In the end, complete your essay by stating a call to action or a suggestion.

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