Difference between a Thesis and a Dissertation

In some universities around the world, thesis and dissertation are considered the same thing. But it should not be the case. Some several factors and characteristics differentiate a thesis from a dissertation and vice versa. The very basic point of difference one must know is;

A dissertation is submitted at the end of a Doctoral Study (Ph.D.) to gain the degree while you will have to write and submit your thesis at the end of your master’s education to get your master’s degree.

Every student who gets graduated from a university gets a master's or doctoral degree. To get their degrees, they have to complete a final project at the end of their education/degree. The project that has to be completed is they will have to write a serious and high-level paper in their field of study. Again, it is a huge project hence the importance of the paper is very high. Due to such importance, the paper requires the student to have a strong command of writing. In other words, such projects require students to be efficient in writing, conducting in-depth research, and analyzing various data and information from their academic program.

Indeed such projects require a student to be good in the areas mentioned above. But there is something more and important. That is; one must know what kind of project he or she will be working on. Or what level project they will be completed to get their degree. It is hugely important to be understood because it will let you know about the key characteristics of your project (thesis or dissertation). While, knowing, learning, and understanding the main characteristics will enable you to write and complete your project masterfully.

Hence, this article aims to guide you on the difference between a Thesis and a Dissertation. All you need to continue reading and you will know what you want to know or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Thesis vs. Dissertation (The Difference)

  • 1   Definition of the scope

    In terms of scope, a thesis needs primary research and data collection before one starts writing a single word. This means that a student will need to conduct in-depth primary research such as interviews and surveys etc. They will need to conduct primary research in order to collect data for analysis. On the other hand, a dissertation does not require a student to conduct primary research to gather data for analysis. While a thesis can be written by using secondary data. Secondary data is the data or information that is already available to the writer like articles and papers etc.

    Moreover, a dissertation can be an evaluation of existing literature or literary pieces. But the information presented in the dissertation should be new and properly supported by examples and evidence. As the dissertation is based on secondary information, you can hire a dissertation or an essay writing service if you want to write your dissertation exceptionally and with perfection. On the opposing side, a thesis always has a wider scope, so its topic. While the scope of the dissertation is comparatively narrow that focuses on the fundamental details and points of one subject.

  • 2   Data Collection

    As discussed earlier, there is a clear difference between the data collected and used in writing a thesis and dissertation. The same is the case with the data collection method. To collect data for writing a thesis, secondary data collection such as interpreting books, articles, and reports, is used. As well as remote sensing methods. But the data collection methods used in the dissertation are completely different. This means the data collection methods used to collect data for writing a dissertation are;

    1. Self-conducted interviews
    2. Self-administered surveys
    3. Observations or field observations
    4. Experiments

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  • 3   Structural Difference(s)

    In general cases, a thesis is like a research paper and is similar to the one students do in the college course. For instance, first of all, you choose a particular topic, carry out research on it, and then prove your argument or claim. This means that writing a thesis requires you to think critically, analyze the facts and information, and extract the results.

    A dissertation is written with the help of a huge amount of pre-existing data such as previous papers. Here, the information you extract is to support your hypothesis. Indeed, you expand information related to your topic when writing a dissertation. But your main purpose is to conclude your results. Students write open-ended conclusions in a thesis that may be expanded to establish your premise in the dissertation.

    Without a doubt, writing a thesis or dissertation may not be an easy task. And this is the main reason why some students hire essay writing services or search “write my essay” to find and hire professional writers for their projects (thesis or dissertation writing). Hence, you can prefer hiring a professional essay writer if you are unsure about writing a masterpiece.

  • 4   Length of the paper

    The length of the paper or the number of pages is another key thing that clarifies the difference between a thesis and a dissertation. A thesis written for gaining a master’s degree can be longer up to 100 pages. While a dissertation in general cases is longer in length or number of pages. The same applies to the research study conducted for each. While a dissertation written for a Ph.D. degree would be 2 to 3 times longer than any thesis. Additionally, a Ph.D. level dissertation always starts with a proposal. Sometimes, the master’s thesis (submitted) may serve as a dissertation itself.

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