Key Differences Between Narrative and Rhetorical Analysis Essays

Students in school and universities are asked to write different types of essays. The fundamental structure of introduction, body, and conclusion almost remains the same in all the essays but there are few key differences between them. Narrative or a rhetorical analysis essay differ based on some key features discussed below.

In rhetorical analysis essay writing, various literary devices are employed to persuade, inform, or entertain the readers. All forms of the essay can be written in rhetorical form regardless of the topic. On the other hand, the realm of narrative essays is comparatively very narrow. The topics mostly are related to an individual followed by the chronology of related details. Narrative essays can be made more appealing and interesting by incorporating literary devices but to a limited extent.

Here are the basic differences between rhetorical and narrative essays or you can ask others to write my paper.

The narrative essay is an in-depth narration of any experience or incident. It contains all the details related to the incident or experience. Whereas, the rhetorical essay is a way of persuasion that influences the reader in accepting the writer’s ideology or point-of-view. Moreover, rhetorical essays make heavy use of similes, metaphors, and personifications, whereas narrative essays make less use of these literary devices.

Furthermore, narrative essays mostly make use of the first-person narrative and the incidences are often real-life problems on which the essay writer reflects by showing empathy. On the other hand, third-person narration is common in rhetorical essays and the topics are generic with a persuasive tone. The effectiveness of the rhetorical analysis essays depends on the techniques employed to convey the meaning or to create the desired effect. Needless to say that the features are overlapping and every student wants to score higher in essay writing. So, the prospects of higher scoring can be achieved by the best essay writing service.

The rhetorical analysis essays make use of artistic and inartistic proofs to create an impact. An artistic proof employs appeals, evidence, techniques, and cannon whereas, an inartistic proof makes use of polls, surveys, facts, statistics, and data. Both the proofs are employed to make a strong case. Appeals are made through common experiences or human tendencies in order to get the approval of the audience. Rhetorical analysis essays make use of three types of appeals: ethical, pathetic, and logical. Where an ethical appeal is made through the character and credibility of the writer as a 'good person' or 'expert' to make a case. Common examples are of a priest, minister, or shaman.

Additionally, pathetic appeal evokes strong emotions of desire for love, compassion, and sympathy, disappointment, and anger or sadness to get the audience's approval and agreement. The invocation of emotions in the hearts of the audience wins the case for the writer. In a similar vein, logical appeal employs reason for its cause. Since academic audiences are more inclined towards evidence and scholarship, so academic discourses are often logos-driven.

On the other hand, in a narrative essay, bright descriptions and sensory details are narrated through first-person narration. It presents an experience that involves colorful yet realistic language to make the reader feel the same. It consists of characters, even if it is autobiographical, other characters make their way into the essay, so artful characterization is a key feature of narrative essays. Also, it uses dialogues in narration and the creativity of the writer in dialogue synthesis adds to its efficacy. It is a story around a motif that contains a lesson.

Lastly, this is beyond doubt that students get confused when they are asked to write a particular type of essay because they are already exposed to many types of essays. The distinction between the essays and their salient features is a constant source of vexation for many students that can be easily sorted with the help of a paper writing service.

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