Discuss the 4 main types of presentation

You have to give presentations at certain points in your life. You not only have to give a presentation in your high school but also throughout the rest of your academic careers. The process of giving a presentation does not even stop at the end of your academic journey. You have to make several presentations at your workplace. In addition to making formal presentations in school colleges and at work, one also uses the presentation skills throughout life in everyday life.

When you are asking your parents to buy you a bicycle, or persuading them to take you to Disneyland, or informing them about the safety of your school trip, or arguing with them on any matter, you have to use your presentation skills to make your parents understand your point of view. These are different types of presentations that one uses throughout their lives to fulfill different purposes. Just like different types of college essay, different types of presentations are used to fulfill different purposes. You can only perform a certain purpose by following the respective presentation type.

If you have to make a big presentation in your high school, college, or at work, you should know different types of presentations. Without knowing and writing your presentation according to the respective type of presentation, you will badly fail to deliver the message of your presentation. Even if you deliver it, you would not be able to achieve the desired purpose of your presentation. Therefore, it is necessary that you are familiar with different types of presentations before you even think of making a presentation. In this article, we will look at different types of presentations that are used to fulfill different purposes.

Types of presentations and their purpose

Do you want to give a pitch-perfect presentation? Of course, who does not want that? What is it that is stopping you from giving an outstanding presentation that the audience could not resist giving you a standing ovation? There could be many reasons that are keeping you from giving an outstanding speech that deserves a standing ovation. However, some mistakes are made by the students who have otherwise exceptional speaking skills, which keep them from achieving the desired objective of their presentation. One of the cardinal mistakes that some of the great speakers make is not knowing the type of presentation.

If you want to avoid making such a cardinal mistake, you must be able to differentiate between different types of presentations. You must know which type of presentation is used to serve what purpose. Additionally, you should also know that you can always take help from an online essay writing service to help you compose an outstanding and inspiring presentation.

Informative presentations – to inform

One of the common purposes of presentations is to inform the audience about a specific subject. This is the simplest type of presentation. Like an informative essay, the purpose of this type of presentation is to give relevant information to the audience on the given subject, an event, to share instructions, or to share information about a new project or some updates at the company. At school, your teacher could ask you to give an informative speech on a history topic or the pandemic, etc.

Instructional presentations – to instruct

In such presentations, you are supposed to give specific instructions to the audience. Let’s say you have been asked to give an instructional speech on the pandemic, you will tell the audience how they can save themselves from the novel coronavirus, i.e. by washing hands and maintaining social distancing measures. You have to take the audience through the step by step process. This type of presentation may take a longer time, as you have to ensure that your audience has understood all the instructions. You can use visuals to show the audience how to take a step. If you are facing any difficulties in writing an instructional speech, you can always buy presentation from an online source.

Persuasive presentations – to persuade

In persuasive presentations, the presenter tries to convince the audience to accept his/her proposal. You can persuade the audience by telling them that there is a problem that affects them and you have a potential solution for it. The art of persuasion is necessary for this kind of presentation. However, only a persuasive tone would not do the job, you have to provide some substantive benefits to the audience to make them not only listen but also accept your proposal.

You might have to deliver a persuasive speech while presenting your research proposal before your professor or the members of the research committee of your university or college. In businesses, this presentation is used to present business proposals, to present services to clients, or persuading investors to invest in a business venture. To make an effective persuasive speech, an essay writer have to use ethos, pathos, and logos.

Inspiring or motivational presentations – to inspire and motivate

This type of presentation is widely used to ignite a spark among the audience to get out of their comfort zone and do something. The Internet is full of motivational presentations that are going viral, TED Talks is one of the most popular fora for such presentations. These are often given by successful persons who share their stories with the audience. They make the audience believe that it is not impossible to make a difference. They have to just take a step. Their success stories inspire the audience and make them do things to turn around their conditions. It is to motivate people to wake up from slumber and do something, take action.

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