Is your dissertation research question too broad or too narrow? Here's what to do

Dissertations are an essential part of academics and you would be tackling it sooner or later. The most essential thing that drives the dissertation is the research question. Everything is dependent upon how an essay writer crafts the question and whether it has merit to take the dissertation to the highest level or not. Sometimes, it would be the most research part and much time is spent on it. A major fault that writers could commit in a dissertation is to make the research question too broad or too narrow. What does it mean and how to rectify it?

Effects of Improper Topic Horizon

  • The dissertation question has to be at the right complexity level. Being too ambitious and tackling too much or being very complacent and tackling too little could be your downfall. There either will be too much information to cover or too little of it to properly process and thus the dissertation would suffer.
  • Another probable reason is that you have not focussed your research properly. You might be unaware of what you are going after and try to incorporate the wrong things. There should be an exact idea behind what you are going to do and then implement it.
  • The inability to understand the subject would lead you to incorporate either too many theories and principles to cover or on the other extreme, not enough. You must include a relevant chunk of details from the academics to base your whole research on.
  • Not having enough research to back up your claims in the research question is also a huge flaw that you could commit. You cannot expect to find the right combination and balance of claims unless you find enough relevant data. Remember, reinventing the wheel would be the last thing you want to take care of how you would approach the research. Sometimes, the topic being too narrow or broad is totally dependent upon finding the right sources.
  • Lastly, you would know right away if there is any future to your dissertation or not. Will you be able to collect relevant information and if so, would it be of any worth and importance? These questions would become clear once the question is inspected by the experts.


Now that you are conscious regarding what might be the trouble here, how you would salvage the situation without being mentally drained.

  • Begin by exploring your interest and what area you are planning to highlight. Be more focussed on your approach and choose the field and the subfields that you want to work on for your dissertation. Dissertation writers have to work hard to get the best out of the research. If you ever feel like needing some assistance, professional writers can guide you through various steps. Need help? consult a write my paper service now.
  • Once you have made up your mind, dive into an exploration of content available. View scholarly sources and try to find a gap that might be present which you would be trying to fill. Remain on the path of your chosen field and see where you could find an opening to handle.
  • When the opening has been found, you would then be devising a research question. This is where the improvements shall start and your worries shall end. Start by noting each and every aspect of the part you would be considered in the research question.
  • Make a game plan and think about what would be the accompanying things you would need to do well to make the dissertation stand out. Take note of various things such as who would be the target audience, what would be the data collection techniques, what kind of theories and principles would be applied, etc. By clearly indicating these things, you would start to get a rough estimate of the complexity level. If you are unsure of it, an essay writing service specializes in such things. You could let them know your details and get assistance in return.
  • Research enough and relevant sources as it could be the major difference-maker. Failure to spend enough time could ultimately lead to an imbalance of the research questions and paper.
  • Make a rough draft of your research question and then think and rethink it. The main goal behind this is to see if the process is manageable and how much area would it cover. You could also get help from your instructors at this moment to see if everything would eventually fall into place. Since you would be the one following the dissertation steps, you should be in full control regarding the idea. You do not want to get bad grades if the topic is very weak and narrow nor you want to make your life so difficult you have tons of information with so little time to process it.

Once the right balance has been achieved, move ahead, and follow the main steps of the dissertation. You might already have two sections done and dusted i.e. the research question and the literature review. It is now time to make an outline to incorporate all the things that would be present in the final paper. Once you think that everything is falling properly into place, it is the perfect time to write. Perform data collection techniques, research the results, and try to make meaningful connections throughout the paper. Remember, as you spent so much time on the research question, do not sideline it and make it the central element of every part. Or you can always ask others to write my essay for me.

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