Distinctive Features of Various Types of qualitative research - A Definitive Guide

Assigned to conduct Qualitative research but not sure which type to choose? It is understandable because many students get confused when they see different types of qualitative research. As opposed to that quantitative research data is collected in the form of a numerical data set, in qualitative research the researcher has to work with the findings from observing different direct and indirect sources. These types depend upon their purpose and methodology accordingly. Here is an overview of Distinctive Features of Various Types of qualitative research for your convenience or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. Ethnography
  2. The first type is known as ethnographic research which is most widely used because it is applicable to most of the UX research questions. It is one of the types of qualitative research where the researcher is required to engage themselves in the environment of their target participant so that they can understand the culture, motivation, changes, teams, and goals of that environment.

    This type of research is not new to the field of cultural anthropology in which the researchers target a specific culture for a long time and even years. Instead of depending on the surveys and interviews, they just tend to experience the environment themselves and also become participant-observers sometimes. One good example to understand is of research which has the purpose to find out how a certain product is utilized. Research data searches are required to discover the unfulfilled needs of customers by observing how they interact with that product. There's no need to construct a hypothesis.

  3. Narrative
  4. The second type of qualitative research is the narrative strategy which combines a series of phenomena together, normally which are obtained through only two or fewer people to build a strong narration. The researchers go through documents, conduct detailed interviews over weeks or even years, search for the themes. You are not required to produce the final narrative in chronological order but as a narrative along with the themes. You can accommodate the conflicting narratives and place emphasis on challenges and tensions which can be opportunities for innovation. An essay writer can use it to build a persona.

  5. Phenomenological
  6. The phenomenological study is another type of qualitative research in which the researchers describe a particular activity, event, or phenomenon. a combination of different methods is used for it. These methods can include reading documents, conducting interviews and surveys, visiting events or places, watching videos, and more.

    The reason for this matter is to properly understand the concepts of participants regarding the research topic. This qualitative research is based on insights of motivations from the perspectives of the research participants. For this type, you do not have to first construct a well-formed hypothesis to begin your research. A number of interviews, usually ranging from 5 to 25, are conducted for this type of qualitative research. It is done In order to gather an adequate data set so that the researcher can search for all the emerging themes and then utilize observations from the participants in order to validate their findings.

    You can understand this by example conducted to study how students engage with the newly emerging online courses. The researchers observe the content accessed by the students and the time they spent. For it, a phenomenological study is better as it will help understand the experience of the students and the impact of comprehension of the content.

  7. Grounded Theory
  8. This type of research is used to give an explanation in terms of the theory behind a significant event or activity. The researcher uses interviews and available documents primarily in order to form a theory that is grounded on the available information. They go through many existing and open coding techniques in order to recognize themes existing in them to build suitable theories. This type of research is usually large ranging from 20 to 60. It is because it helps to establish a more sound theory. This type of research is very useful to make informed design decisions as it provides an improved understanding of the use of a product for all performance of a task by the community. For instance, you can use it to study the use of portals by software Developers to communicate. They may be other types of desert just to do so but this will be especially helpful. Another example of it could be the study on how local merchants accept or reject consumers for the credit. However, you can always ask an essay writing service to assist you if you are confused.

  9. Case Study
  10. The last type of qualitative research is a case study that is used excessively by the Harvard Business School. Through this type of qualitative research, it is possible to relate the importance of a case study for describing an event, organization, business, or any entity. This involves an understanding of all various sorts of data and data sources. These different types of case studies may be exploratory, describing an event or an explanatory. Nowadays, many types of research are based on case studies and are much effective for communication. It becomes a lot easier for readers to understand the consequences, contributing factors, and phenomena. One of the examples of this type can be a case study of an International company that suffered and retrieved from financial issues. This case study can be used in more than one research on similar topics.

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