Don't ignore these essential prewriting steps before drafting your argumentative essay

Students come across many assignments in their academic careers and these assignments present different challenges to them. In some subjects or cases, the assignments may badly affect the grades obtained by the students in the relevant subjects. Since the students wish to get better grades, there must be some precautionary steps to help them. These steps are known as pre-writing steps. An argumentative essay is based on developing a strong argument and then proving it with the help of supporting materials. In the following lines, we will take a look at some pre-writing steps to be adopted for writing a better argumentative essay. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

Give it a long thought

Thinking is an essential part of the overall writing process because it allows you to see through the things around you. You have to look at the things and events taking place around you so that you can develop an argument. If you think that there should be a much higher number of trees around you, you can develop an argument against pollution, its causes, and consequences. You should also think about the topic from the perspective of your thesis statement. Your thought process should help you in developing a strong and specific thesis statement for your topic. This process will also allow you to decide how you will prove your argument. You may also think about answering a question in the essay. In this scenario, the most important part of your answer will be presented as the thesis statement of your essay. You should also compile some facts which can be used to support the thesis statement and the argument as a whole. Whenever you write an argumentative essay, you have to present some facts related to the topic and you have to decide where to take them from.

Make points

Your thought process should help you. I came up with some helpful points. Your job is to keep a notebook with you and write them down so that you can develop a platform for your essay. An argumentative essay is generally divided into three sections, introduction, body, and conclusion. Initially, you should focus on the introduction section so that the reader knows everything about the topic and your argument. You can start the argumentative essay outline by providing some background information on the topic. After the background information, you should present the thesis statement. Including the thesis statement in the outline will allow the reader to know what to expect in the essay. If you still need any help, hire a paper writing service now.

Collect Facts

When you are preparing the outline, you may need some facts and figures to support the different points presented. These facts may be gathered from the internet but you should take them from reliable sources and you should also use the appropriate way to cite them. You may have to answer many aspects in your essay and there should be one single point mentioned or discussed in a single paragraph. These facts should support the argument presented by you. If you are writing about pollution, you may present the facts to show the increase in pollution and the relevant consequences.

Add your ideas

A good argumentative essay is based upon a strong observation of the writer. In the example related to pollution, you can comment on the state of pollution in your surroundings. You can also present some facts related to your area to support your points. These ideas will convince the reader that you have a sufficient grip on the subject. You can also add points related to the consequences of pollution within your area.

Note down the theme of each paragraph

As mentioned earlier, each paragraph should present a single point so that the readers do not get confused. You should note down the most important point of each paragraph and add it to the outline. This will allow the readers to know what to expect in each paragraph. This practice will give consistency and flow to your essay. It is also important to provide sufficient support to the argument presented.

Organization of the essay

When you are done with gathering all the relevant information, you should focus on the way it should be presented. There are many ways in which you can write an essay. The most common approach is to start with the most important point and then go to the less important ones. The major drawback of this approach is that the readers may lose their interest in the essay once the important points have been read. Another approach is to keep the most important points in the center of the body paragraphs. This will force the reader to read a major chunk of the essay. If the organization of the essay is poor, your audience may not comprehend your main points.

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