Do's and Don’ts of Narrative Essays - Writing Guide

A narrative essay is your account of things. For many students, a narrative essay is a difficult task as they are of the view that they will have to narrate their view of the story, but this is not right. A narrative essay is an easy task where an individual has to present his narrative in a catchy manner, to make the essay pleasurable for the readers. This is an easy task, if you follow certain do’s and don’ts of the narrative writing. The most common mistakes many students make is that they follow an abrupt manner in writing the narrative essay, but this is not suggestive at all. If you are of the similar view, this writing guide will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of writing the narrative essay.

Do’s of the narrative essay

Choose your audience

The first thing you need to be sure of is your audience. Writing an academic essay can be easy, since your audience are the teachers, evaluators or the fellow students. But if you are writing for a story book or any other publication, choose your audience wisely. Like if you are writing for a story book, make use of words that are understandable by the toddlers and by children, but if you intend to write for a publication, choose words that match their scope of publication. Choosing your audience is the first thing as it will help you develop the narrative in a clear manner. If you are confused, consult an essay writing service now.

Develop a story in your mind

It is not always that you have to narrate personal stories, sometimes you need to create false stories that are not true. These false stories are your presumption of things, as most professional writers do. In the start, it will be difficult, but if you clearly and thoroughly observe the things around you, you will be able to create a story of your own. Developing a story can be a bit difficult, but practise this and you will gradually master this art. The advantage of creating a story is that you can make things move by your own choice, that is pleasing and enjoyable as well.

Create your rough draft

The first draft of the essay is a rough one. Often students face difficulty in writing their own drafts and to avoid these they outsource their essay. Decide this at the first instance, and if you really want to outsource the draft, search write my essay free on the web. Within seconds you will be contacted by different writers that will be ready to create your first draft. Now when you have received your first draft, give it a thorough read. Look whether your writer or you have provided the right details about your story or not.

Be sure of your sentence structure

The next thing you need to look at in the first draft is the sentence structure. You need to make sure that you follow a similar sentence structure throughout the essay. Sometimes writers create dubious sentence structure and they get confused about the tense they need to incorporate. Just focus on the manner in which you have created the story in your mind. It is important and sometimes essential to revise your own story in mind prior to putting that on paper. Doing this will help you develop a similar sentence structure in your mind.

Look into it for grammar related errors

Finally, when you have a final draft in front of you, analyse that for grammar related mistakes. Sometimes students avoid looking at the final draft for grammar related errors but this is not suggestive at all. Since there may be several grammar related errors in your final draft therefore, analyse that thoroughly and be sure that you read the entire essay twice or thrice.

Don’ts of the narrative essay

Don’t develop a presumed story

The one thing an essay writer needs to avoid at every cost is a presumed story. For example, sometimes writers think that doing this will result in this manner or avoiding that will make this worse. This presumption is not suggestive at all. Try to make it simple and be attentive toward similar things in the real world. This will help you develop a strong narrative essay.

Don’t make sweeping statements

Sweeping statements are when you don’t complete a sentence, and rush toward others. Also, a sweeping statement can be lengthy sentences that do not depict a clear meaning. Students and some professional writers make use of such statements to meet the word count. The sweeping statements on other hand are too confusing for the readers that leaves them in a confused state of mind.

Avoid repetition

Finally, don’t repeat things that you have already talked about. Sometimes students forget what they have mentioned before and repeat that in the approaching sentences. You need to avoid this at every cost, as this feels unpleasant and perplexing for the reader. To avoid this, you can create a bullet list of the important things, and tick mark those which you have already discussed. This will help you write anything for a single time.

A narrative essay has certain do’s and don’ts and students pay little attention toward them. Such an approach is not satisfactory as it creates an academic notion that is not suggestive at all. If you are planning to write a narrative essay, do give this a thorough read. In case you still need help, consult a paper writing service now.

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